Hiya! It’s another What’s For Dinner because, why not? Three times makes it officially a thing, I can’t stop now!

Seven dinners to add your meal plan!

I know it’s late again. We were running all weekend. And, tomorrow is my first full day back to work. Insert praise hands. So this post got pushed to the back burner. Can you blame a girl that got a big ol’ tax return budget and a husband suggesting mall time?! We started our shopping spree at “Wa wa Walmart” so the littles could partake in the fun. Then we made the brave decision to take two little boys and one husband to the mall at three in the afternoon. 😑 I power shopped at three stores, and it was well worth it though!

I cleaned out at Old Navy. Tell me you jump on their 50% off Jean sales?! Their jeans are the best and 50% off Old Navy prices is even better. Then we tried our first sit down Mexican restaurant in Alaska. Went home and called it a night.

Today was just as busy. I got up and did a coffee run, because at home cold brew just wasn’t gonna cut it after daylight savings. We tried our first potential church from our living room. And, then I hit Costco with Mase. I don’t know if I’m the worst at putting away Costco groceries… but I’m the worst, it always take at least an hour. So, by the find Costco was put away it was late afternoon, and I still wanted to do my nails. Yes, sorry nails beat out this post. 


I also am the worst at getting everybody ready in a timely fashion. So, once everybody was snacked and entertained I hit the town for some Mama spoiling. Apparently Sunday at 4 pm is the time to go because it was an hour wait! Target helped the time pass, thankfully! I got some cute Joy Lab workout gear, a fake fiddle leaf plant, a new Duvet on clearance 🙌🏻, cute new sheets for the babies, and Toilet Trouble because clearance.

As you can see it was an errand filled weekend. But, so fun. We keep it pretty frugal throughout the year, so when get those nice little bonuses it’s such a treat! Now, without further undo why you came here. Another round of dinner ideas for the meal planning overwhelmed people, 🙋🏼‍♀️ me to friend! 


What’s For Dinner at The Ronan’s this week?


Monday: Instant Pot Maple BBQ Chicken

Tuesday: Crispy Potato Vegan Tacos

Wednesday : Honey Garlic Cauliflower Bowl
Thursday: Sheet Pan

Friday: Pizza night

Saturday: Garlic Parm Wings

Sunday: Black Bean burgers

Monday is a saucy homemade bbq chicken that even my extremely picky four year old loves. I’m throwing in more veggie based dinners. Replanning a meal that I didn’t end up making this last week. And, all fairly quick and easy because it’s my first full week back at work. They are mostly healthy. And, affordable. Hope you find something your family will enjoy as well!

See you next week!