Meal planning stresses me out. Does it stress you out?! It’s literally a big chore you have to tackle every👏🏻single 👏🏻week! I’ve been in charge of feeding the growing Ronan clan now for five years and it hasn’t gotten any easier. I come up with different plans, and guides to follow. I am always looking on Pinterest to find that one plan that’s gonna make it all a breeze. But, alas every Sunday my brain is fried and it’s like I don’t even know what a meal is, how do I plan 7 different ones?!?!?!

However last night during my late night mama show time I busted out two weeks worth of dinners without a single eat out! Insert praise hands. Here’s what The Ronan Family is eating for dinners the next two weeks. Maybe this will find another desperate meal planning soul some peace of mind!

What we are eating in September!

What’s For Dinner? Here’s What We’re Eating In September!

First of all, I should note a couple of my goals in meal planning.

1. Eat as healthy as we can.

I want to avoid “junk” and boxed foods as much as I can. Eating real food and Organic as much as possible is a top priority. Yes, the plan isn’t all Paleo, plant- based, or some other trendy diet, I wish,  but it’s mostly real with limited processed food.

2. Cutting our eating out bill.

I can’t boast that this plan will cut your grocery bill, maybe it will. But, it’s certainly not one those “Feed a Family of 7 for $50” plans. We eat at home strictly because it gets expensive to eat out.

So, here’s how I went about planning the next two weeks of dinner!

I wanted to stretch out our go-to meats, so I tried to include a meatless meal every other day. Then we had to include Taco Tuesday, duh. And, have recently decided to try Sandwich Sunday. My two work days are Friday and Saturday, so those meals had to be easy and or frozen. One day of boxed, don’t judge, I told you it wasn’t perfectly trendy! 😉

September Two Week Meal Plan

Meatless Monday

Taco Tuesday

Beef or chicken




Sandwich Sunday

Here’s the guide filled in with our meals!

Monday: Spaghetti + salad & garlic bread

Tuesday:Black bean tacos

Wednesday: Cabbage Rolls

Thursday: Honey Grilled Chicken + salad & Biscuits

Friday: Vegetarian Pasta E Fagoli

Saturday: Left over Sub Sandwich

Sunday: Shredded chicken parm sandwiches


Monday: Vegan Red pepper pasta

Tuesday: One Pot Turkey Taco Skillet

Wednesday: Best Ever chicken + broc & baked potato

Thursday: Superfood power bowl

Friday: IP Raman Noodles

Saturday: Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken

Sunday: Breakfast burritos

Like I said, this plan is not a trendy diet. And, it’s not even a budget meal plan. It’s for families in between! The ones who want to eat mostly healthy. Who may have a picky eater… or two. And, most importantly are just worn out by this never-ending chore of meal planning… and, making for that matter.😏

Let me know if you try any of the meals!