It’s officially the holiday season. The time of giving and cheer. Over eating. And, growing waistlines. Ugh the worst right? Why does good food have to be so bad?

I don’t know about you, but it’s annoying that on top of everything else going on during the holidays, I have to worry about weight. Granted I am far from the fitness level I once was, so truthfully it’s not as big of a concern anymore. It’s just that has been put on the back burner. Of somebody’s else’s house. Anyone relate?

But, I have found two little perks in my house that help keep me more on track. Without even knowing it. My children! Yup, if you’re looking for holiday weight control your children may be all you need. And, here’s why!

Two Reasons Why Having a Kid May Be the Only Weight Loss Plan You Need

Two reasons why having children will help keep your weight gain at bay this holiday season. The easiest way to stay Mom skinny.

You never have time to eat your own food.

Have you met a kid before?? Goodness these things are always hungry. They are starving as soon as one meal is finished. Making another meal for yourself just seems like too much work. Cooking is all you do every hour for them anyways. Making another meal for yourself is not gonna happen. When you have a kid, you just never have time to eat your own food.

They always catch you trying to sneak treats.

It 100% never fails if you try to sneak a treat they will find you. I remember once my little guy was rear facing, asleep, and still heard me eating a cookie while driving. It’s their cookie senses (spidey sense , get it?!) Even though it’s your own house, you do not have free reign of the treats. Sorry. And, then it’s like do you want to go through the effort of hiding snacks. Hiding far away from your kids just for a chocolate. I mean yes sometimes the answer is absolutely yes. But, the majority of the time your little stinker will catch you trying to sneak treats.

And, that’s how you easily manage your weight this holiday season! Easy right?