You didn’t picture missing your child’s birth. Or, missing your toddler learning to count to ten. These kids were nothing but a maybe-in-the-future when you enlisted. Now, they are your everything. And, you’re in another country for Father’s Day. We know it’s hard and far from where you want to be. But, we see you and honor you. Here’s to the deployed dads who are missing out this Father’s Day.


We know it’s hard.

The job is hard. The distance is devastating. And, the toddler seems to always throw fits during FaceTime. Waking up in a far away country unable to get in those morning snuggles. And, going to bed every night with still 100 days to go. Is heart breaking. Our hearts break with you.

We feel your absence.

The holidays are obviously different. Your chair is empty. And, there is one less place setting. But, the ordinary days are hard too. Saturday mornings aren’t the same without your pillow fort. Mom’s spaghetti is just not the same. Your family is left temporarily incomplete. Though, they stay strong for you.

We remember you.

The FaceTime ringer is our new favorite sound. The toddler cheerfully squeals “daddy!”. Propping you up on the window seal to tell you about his day. Offering you toys. And, repeatedly kissing the iPhone. Your little ones know you, even on a tiny screen. Your wife feels giddy and her heart flutters every time she sees your face. You are still here to them, even when they can’t feel you.

We see you.

On this Father’s Day we see you. We see your heart ache. We see your brave face. The courage you have to serve the country while raising a family. We see the love you have for your family. As you fight to keep them safe. We see your heart. Every part of you wants to be back to the normal Father’s Day. Opening up a tie again for the third Father’s Day in a row. Or, spending the day grilling out. But, you have a heart for people, especially your family.

Thank you for sacrificing your day for our continued freedom. You are your family’s hero. And, part of what has made this country great. We honor you. And, support you. Here’s to all the Deployed fathers who are missing out on this Father’s Day.