Our last week, much like the first, was bus-sy. Was there even a day of rest?! I really don’t think so. This week included a few really big days. And then squeezing in final visits with friends and family. We stayed consistent with every other day between our families. And, my besties each got at least 2 or 3 hang outs!

Here are our top three best days our second week of family vacation!

Glacier park with all the cousins

The grown ups were feeling brave this day. I guess. Because, we decided to load up our mini Olson & Ronan caravan with seven kids under eight and five grown ups to go for a hike.

If you have not been to Glacier National Park, I am telling you put it on your bucket list ASAP! It’s stunning. And, I really am thankful we fit it into our trip. It had been years since I had been.

We did our best to beat the crowd, leaving the house at 6:45 am. But, you guys the top of the mountain parking lot was already full by the time we got there around 8. Apparently this was a popular hike.

And, while it did feel crowded at times, it proved to be worth it!
Top three best days our second week back in Montana!
The littles did great. We were giving out graham crackers nearly every 5 minutes, but whatever it took to keep them happy and trucking along.
Top three best days back in Montana!
I was so not prepared in the shoe department. And, desperately struggled in the snow-covered hilly parts.
Top three best days our second week back in Montana!
But, we got to see at least four mountain goats, including a mom and her baby. And, the top of the hike’s view of Hidden Lake was breath- taking!
All seven kiddos conquered the four mile hike. With only a few tears. A couple potty breaks. One napper. And, an entire box of graham crackers!

The last lake day

What would a summer vacation to the wilderness be without one last lake day? We spent this day out on a quaint little lake, McGregor Lake, with my husband’s family.
Easton spent lots of time on the kayak. With whoever would take him. Heck, even I tried my hand at it. And, if you know me you know that’s a big deal. We won’t talk about how long I paddled or how far away from shore, all that matters is I tried!
John got to go tubbing. And, even took E out for a ride! I did my best to control my own fears of the water mixed with Mom fear. I’m so glad I did. He really enjoyed it. So long as there weren’t any choppy waves!
Easton and Mason loved hanging on the beach. They waded. Splashed. Threw rocks. And, even floated on the floaty.
It was a relaxing day with no cell service. And, lots of lake water and sun! We finished it off with a round of catch. An extra cookie for good measure. And, catching a Crawdad. Which Easton still talks about as the lake lobster!

GG Joy’s 95th birthday party

One of our last days back in Montana was spent on mini road trip of its own. We drove four hours away for my grandma’s 95th birthday party.

Eight hours in the car is still a long time for littles. But, our trip turned long half way through. Poor little Mase got car sick through the curves of Glacier National Park. Unfortunately we had such a long day ahead still, there was no saving those cute little motorcycle PJs. So, we tucked them in the bushes on the side of the road, and kept on moving!

We arrived a little after noon. Just in time for a potluck! Sweet Grandma Joy was a bit overwhelmed with the all the extra families there. All of her six kids were there. Along, with our three families. And, two others.

I told her more times that I can count the names of my boys, or my nieces and nephews. But, it was such a blessing being able to see her. Her and I were roommates nearly 20 years ago, so she has a special place in my heart.

While, I ate too much. And, didn’t have any memorable conversations with “GG”, this day was a blast as the Original Olson’s escaped the party for a little family photo shoot. We re-enacted one of our favorite pictures from growing up. Worked on our leg pop. And, laughed a lot!

Top Three Best Days our second week back in Montana!

The trip home was, as you can imagine, harder and longer than on the way there. But, we blasted IT on audible. Stopped by a well-known waterfall to stretch our legs. And, crashed when we got home!

Our top three best days the second week back in Montana!

Our trip back to Montana was not long enough! There wasn’t a single day of rest. But, there was lots of laughs. Family time. Dates. Amazing coffee. Great memories. And, actual time with my sweet hubby! The 12 days there were well worth the two 17.5 hour car rides with a one and a three-year old. We will always, always treasure our time back in the Treasure State!Our top three favorite days during our second week in Montana!