Summer time is upon us. With the sunshine and blue skies, I find it so important to have something to  interest my full-of-energy toddler. This summer we are planning on going through a bucket list. So, he doesn’t go stir crazy, and Mom stays sane! Here is our Toddler Summer Bucket List, 50 nearly free things to do your toddler this summer.

Toddler Summer Bucket List: 50 Nearly Free Things to Do With Your Toddler This Summer

1. Celebrate a national day.
Example: June 2nd is National Doughnut Day celebrate with a free doughnut at Krispie Kreme!
2. Make slime.
3. Summer learning program
4. Bake cookies
5. Go to the park once a week.
6. Put a kiddie pool at the bottom of the slide.
7. Local water park/ splash pad
8. Disney movie day
9. Library toddler time
10. Park passport
Booklet of all the local parks, visit each once.
11. Screen free day
12. Toddler’s choice day
13. Hand wash the car.
14. Run through the sprinkler.
15. Swing spider style together.
16. Picnic
17. Draw with chalk.
18. Go for a walk.
19. Play I spy.
20. Blow bubbles
21. Taco Tuesday
22. Mess free painting.
23. Discount movie day at your local theater.
24. Skip rocks
25. Play hide and seek
26. Grow lollipops
27. Make breakfast kabobs.
28. Home made play dough
29. Recyclable art
30. Pick flowers
31.Homemade slip & slide
32. Dress up
33. Daily dance party
34. Yoga
35. Let’s Go Fishin’ game
36. Go to the local pet store to look at animals.
37. Found art
Go on morning walk and collect cool things and make art project.
38. Homemade pizzas
39. Floor fort for tv time
40. Write a letter to a relative
41. Water painting
Paint with water on the side-walk, watch as it disappears.
42. Printable flash cards
43. Firework painting on the 4th.
44. Outdoor tent
45. Ice cream in a bag
46. Plant and water flowers.
45. Pajama day
47. Make popsicles
48. Dirt Pudding
49. Race
Run, walk, skip, jump
50. Have them help with a no cut, no cook meal; so they are able to help in the whole process of meal time.