It has been one week since I snapped this picture. My eyes were wet and I was unaware of what the next week held. My sweet little toddler was just pumped to be walking on his own onto the AIRPLANE! He didn’t understand that that was our goodbye to daddy for six months.

I saved this picture. With plans to post it a once John got on the plane to start his journey. But, in true fashion of this out-of-our-control chapter in our lives, my poor husband has been stuck in two different cities for nearly a week. Before he even hops on his military flight.

However, today at 5:30 in the morning, I woke up to a minute phone call saying that today is the day. That we are officially beginning our deployment journey.

So I’m sharing this sweet picture of our innocent little boy. And, asking that you keep my growing family, especially my husband, in your thoughts. That we can go through the next six months with our heads up, and the determination Easton had walking on to his first big boy plane ride.