Seven Self Care goals I have this spring.

So, um, hi. Where has the beginning of 2018 gone? For starting off with the world’s longest month, the rest has flown in a blur of nothingness. I’ve been fairly quiet around here, as I’ve just been stuck. If the boys don’t do anything to make me have a Mom ah-ha, a whole week, or two can pass without me coming over to my own corner of the Internet. Which obviously was never my intention.

As with every new year, my New Years resolutions have long past. Without motivation they’ve become  just dreams. And, wants. Nothing I’m actually working towards, can you relate? So, in the middle of April I want to hit pause. Stop the day-to-day going through the motions. Yearning for moments to sit and scroll Insta, jealous of people I don’t know. And, I’m going to share with you my spring goals.

To-Do Lists

I know sometimes to-do lists can have a negative connotation, but for me I love the feeling of crossing things off the list. But, I never do it. I want to start my day with going through what needs to get done. SO, my day has structure and I feel accomplished whenever something is done.

Bi-Weekly Shopping

So much of a our budget gets lost in random trips to the store. An extra $40 run at Target doesn’t seem that bad, until it happens every week and doesn’t get accounted for in the budget. My goal is to cut out the random trips to the store. No matter how much this part-time SAHM loves them. I’ve already done bi-weekly grocery shopping two rounds, and not only did we save the unnecessary unbudgeted spends, it was a huge relief on Sundays knowing everything was already ready to go!

Actually read a book.

I bought Grace Not Perfection, even before Christmas, and I am on chapter 4. It sits out pretty with three other books on our coffee table, for the illusion that I’m a reader. But, I’m so not. Just ask the You Are a Badass who I haven’t picked up since June, with only a few chapters left. The title is a dead give away of what I need in my life. I would love to have it over half done this spring.


I have been absolutely obsessed with Barre classes lately! I go religiously Tuesday and Friday mornings. But, I’m still carrying around 10 lbs of baby weight. It’s not budging. I know, I know, late night binges do not help. All the years I hung around my dream weight, I was super consistent with cardio. So, I can’t help but wonder if taking my relationship with jogging to the next level, would help me reach my fitness goals.


In the beginning of the year I tried to try Keto. I loved that I could still have half and half and cream. But, honestly lately my fresh whole food intake has been lacking. This spring I want to be eating fruit or veggies every time I eat.

Cut out late night snacking

Which leads me to my biggest bad habit that has not budged with a New Years resolution. Late night snacking! No matter how good of a day I have, I will ruin it once everybody is asleep. Sometimes I’m hungry, most of the time I’m just worn out and in need of a “reward”. I know it’s not doing my body any good and I’m ready to say enough! And, mean it.

Posts weekly

Last and final goal for the spring, actually talking to you guys more often! I’ve been slacking. And, I want to be better.

Spring is such a great time to check in with yourself. Are you meeting your New Year’s Resolutions? Are you just going through the motions? Maybe your house isn’t all that needs a spring cleaning. All of the above has been the case for me. And, I’m so excited to really kick myself in the butt in these seven areas. Because, isn’t the goal always to be the best version of yourself. Even if it’s four months post the new year.

Seven Self Care Goals to start practicing today! For a happier spring.