Self care is such a buzz word lately. And, while I totally support self-care, and that we all need it. It’s hard not to feel like it’s something I can’t do. Self care sounds like it’s got to be something big. Hair and nail appointments. Massages. I wish! But, how’s a low-budget family supposed to afford that every single time mama needs self-care?Which you know is daily. However, lately I’ve been doing these few things weekly to help me feel less like an overwhelmed mom and more like just Aly again.

Self Care Habits Any Mom… Or Exhausted Person Can Do Right Now!

Three self care habits any mom... or exhausted person can do today!


Duh, you know that’s one of my ways of self-care! Every morning starts with me pouring a cup of cold brew in a cute Rae Dunn mug. And, cuddling on the couch. As uninterrupted as can be. The best mornings I do a little reading, social media scrolling, all alone before the babies wake up. Most mornings I get up at least five times to put on the right show or feed them the right breakfast. But I do the absolute bare minimum until that cup of coffee is finished!

Coffee is one of my favorite things. So, being able to actually enjoy it, savor it, puts me in the right mindset for the day. Or, sometimes it’s my only moment of peace and quiet in the world of running and yelling with two noisy boys. And, self-care is about holding on to any moment of peace you can grab! So, if you’re a coffee lover like me, you are, you gotta be, pour your favorite cup of Joe first thing in the morning and savor it as quietly as you can.

At Home Spa… aka bath instead of shower.

Thankfully my kids are both independent enough that I’m able to shower daily. Yes, dry shampoo is on repeat a lot. But, at least I hop in the shower for 5 minutes or so a day.
However once a week, I put on an extra long show. Get the boys some gummies. And, start running the bath.
Three self care habits you can do today!
I pour myself another cold brew with cream. Bring up the diffuser and calming oils. And, then I relax. With a special scrub or mask. On real fancy days I’ll even paint my nails!
It’s nothing fancy, or hard. It doesn’t even really cost. But, taking the time to just sit and relax helps whatever stresses I’m feeling that day melt away.

Late Night Binge Watching

I never really considered myself a tv show watcher, I mean I never get the tv to myself… during the day. But, then we got Netflix and Hulu and I’ve finished at least five different series this year. I think my record was The Mindy Project in less than three weeks. Watch it if you haven’t!

Late night tv binge watching has become my guilty pleasure since becoming a mom of two. I stay up waaaay too late. And, just zone out on whatever show I’m watching. It’s a time where there is nobody who needs me. Nobody is asking for a snack. Or, fighting. Ain’t nobody running!🙌🏻 It’s just me. It’s quiet. And, it’s glorious. I don’t want to waste it on sleep!

I  never considered watching tv a way of self-care until I thought about what I get from it. Staying up way too late gives me a refresh. It allows me to breathe. It allows me to focus on me. I am able to put what I want first. So, heck yeah sista, if the only thing you can do right now for self-care is staying up later than your family to watch something YOU want to watch, that’s okay. It’s perfect even!

Self care can be massages. Going to the salon for manis and pedis. Getting your hair done regularly. Or, splurging on that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing at Target. But, it doesn’t have to be! If spending extra money isn’t where you are at right now, please don’t think you can’t indulage in self-care. Self care is about taking time to focus on YOU! Giving yourself a reset. Because, after all there’s a reason the stewardess tells you to put your air mask on before assisting others. 😉

Today, I challenge you to give yourself a little free self-care. Enjoy that cup of coffee. Take a bath in the middle of the day. Or, stay up a little late to catch up with your favorite show.

Whatever it takes to stop and focus on YOU.

You deserve it!