You know how just a couple of months ago I shared how we were kind of just living life where we are. With nothing all that exciting to tell. Well! How quickly things can change. We recently got some big news, that has pulled out my dear husband’s stressed side. And, kind of blew up my feelings of what do I wanna do?!

Here’s What’s Going on With The Ronans Lately

Ronans lately : where we are moving February 2019, other big things!

Recently my husband came home, and was talking about what a day it had been.

“Man, it was one of those days where it just makes you want to pack up and move.”

Me listening from the kitchen, uh kay… weird analogy, but I get it. 

“Yup, pack up your wife and two kids and move to Alaska.”

Real specific analogy. Alaska is relaxing? The outdoors… fishing… WAIT!

Yup. This clan is heading out to the Last Frontier! The Great North. Anchorage, Alaska. In the middle of winter. But, we are beyond excited for the change of scenery. And, to be back in the mountains.

However, as you can imagine a big move like this with less than six months notice. With the addition of military hoops and requirements. Is a lot. My poor hubby is drowning in paperwork. And, I’m just like what in the world can I be doing to prepare for this ginormous move in two short months?!?!?!

E’s fantastic feet!

My oldest was born with a Club Foot. And, has been seeing an Orthopedic Specialist since he was eight weeks old. He went through weeks worth of casts to help straighten the foot. A quick snip of his Achilles’ tendon to help it stretch better. And, then has been wearing special shoes to keep both feet straight and turned out to counteract any turning back in the Club Foot may do, since he was 6 months old.  But, we were recently given the green light! A big thumbs up! We had been holding out for four years old to drop the shoes since he first put them on, and here we are. His feet are looking fantastic!! However, like anything medical we will need to continue to keep up with preventative measures to make sure it stays put as he grows. But, yay! Thank you, Jesus!

Barre Certification

For awhile, years even I’ve thought about being a Fitness Instructor. The hours seemed like they would be great with having kids. It’d keep me accountable to my own fitness. And, I mean cute workout clothes! Then, in January I took my first Barre class at our gym. I was instantly hooked, and have been going twice a week ever since.

In the last few months I’ve really been thinking about what I wanna do. Being a nanny is a great job; and such a blessing being able to bring my kids. But, it’s like being a double mom, so I am drained, always. So, I had been thinking what would I do if I wanted to change jobs when we move. (Before we found out we even were moving.) And, Barre Instructor just kept sticking out to me. When I saw that The American Barre Technique was having a Black Friday sale I jumped on it as an early Christmas present!

As of today, December 18th, I am happy to announce that I have passed all of the online quizzes and final exam. And, that I am one Practice Class Video away from being a Certified Barre Instructor. Yay!

2018 was very much a transitional year for us. A lot of times we felt like nothing was happening. That we were just going through the motions. But, as we are ending the year we are in the works of one really big changes. And, we’re so excited to see how it all unfolds in 2019.

That’s what’s been going on with the Ronans lately. Doesn’t get much bigger than a winter move to Anchorage, Alaska from Northern California, does it?