February was a short month, duh. You know that. But, it was also our first, short, full month in Alaska! We landed in Anchorage at 4 am February 2nd, so I guess if you’re getting real technical… but, by the time you’re reading this it’s definitely been a full month in Alaska so it evens out!
It was a process getting us here. As you know. We had some stressful days. But, just like that when we stepped foot onto Alaska ground it was like, “Woah. We made it.”
Ronans Lately : Our February Update

Landing in Alaska didn’t mean that we were automatically settled. Obviously. At nearly 6 am, by the time we finally were all loaded up in the rental car, after flying out at midnight, the first objective was to find ourselves a bed!
Unfortunately since we landed on a Saturday, and the housing office was closed on the weekend, it was back to the temporary housing.
We finally moved into our new house exactly one month after we moved out of our house in California. Also, on Mason’s second birthday. 😭 I’m fine. It’s fine.
Our new Alaska home is a spacious two-story, three bedroom, two and a half bath, with a backyard! It feels like home!! The living room is ginormous. And, the natural light downstairs is😍.
Although, we were finally in our new house, our stuff wasn’t scheduled until nearly a week after. We figured we owed some time, after being in a comfortably furnished hotel for a month. Six days on a Queen blow up mattress with a 32 inch tv and our phones for entertainment was enough for paying our dues.
The first night in our brand new house, was cold! We had all the blankets we could find. Wore socks. Coats. And, snuggled up but it was still ice-cold! Turns out the furnace was broken. Thankfully, the housing office was able to fix it right away. So, we called our second night a redo. And, did a family campout. Complete with movies and snacks!
John was expected to be at work within our first week back. So, we squeezed in allll the errands it takes to start-up a house in between his work hours. It took nearly a month. But, eventually the pantry and fridge were stocked. And, the house was complete with everything to live comfortably.
We knew by the time the sun rose on the very first day that we were bound to love it here.

Here’s what we’ve loved about our new Alaska home in the first month here!

The mountains.

Seriously, the mountains are beautiful!  I keep trying to take a picture that will do them justice, and it just hasn’t happened.

Coffee huts.

I’m literally so excited for all the little drive through coffee huts that are around here. You know that’s where my love of coffee started. Although, I’ve seen at least 15 already, I already have found a regular just outside of base. And, a close second on base!
At said regular coffee shop is a plant-based energy drink. It’s definitely still filled with sugar… but, plant-based? I’m in. It’s so good. Pink Peach Lemonade Lotus, I’m telling you people. We legit bought the big concentrate for our house, because we were getting them so often. And, $5.50 per 24oz adds up when you want to drink it every day.

Our house, obviously.

Although this is our fourth home together this is our first real house. Our first place was a one bedroom apartment followed by two different condos. It’s so exciting to have a real life house!! Our neighborhood is nice and quiet surrounded by trees. We have a backyard that the dogs love to spend all day in. There’s a playground right on the other side of the back fence the littles can’t wait to play in once the snow allows. I’m so excited to slowly turn this place into a nice home. I say slowly because y’all, there is no Hobby Lobby or Home Goods here!
There’s been stuff that has surprised us as well. Obviously, the fact that when we got here the light hours we’re from 9:30 am to 4:45 pm. The cost of things has been pretty insane as well! A pound of shredded cheese at the Commissary, which has always been the lowest prices, was SEVEN DOLLARS on sale. A 12 pack of applesauce squeezes, which cost under $5 on base in Cali, is EIGHT DOLLARS. Produce in the middle of winter in Alaska is obviously going to be more expensive, but y’all. $5.25 for a head of cauliflower. $2 per pepper. $1 for an onion?!
Costco has become our weekly shopping spot because produce is actually reasonable there. Same with water. Water is the same price it was in Cali, when it’s nearly 3 times as much else where.
February ended with me starting  half days at my new nanny job. Life was crazy and stressful in the time leading up to the move. But, February was such a breath of fresh air. We felt content. At home. At peace. And, so excited to see what four years in Alaska has in store for us!