When we say we didn’t waste a second of vacation, we mean it. There was not a single second of down time or time spent not visiting friends and family. We had already spent time with both families in the first two hours we were there. So, instead of filling you in on every day, I’ll share with you our Top Five Favorite days per week.

Here’s our Top Five Favorite Days from our first week in Montana!

Top Five Moments Our First Week In Montana

We’ll start with an honorable mention, because I have to show off these pictures of the boys. Our first full day. We started off by going to one of our many Must Eats. Qdopa, we were sad to say that besides the queso, we are Chipotle people now. We, my husband, I just like food. Then we went to down to see his grandparents. And, have a little family photo sesh at the exact location we got married!


Top Five Days of Our First Week in Montana!

Feeding fish at the fish pond.

We continued just spending time with family that day. The next we went on a double date with John’s sister and her boyfriend shooting. My husband had a blast! This was the first time he got to shoot his guns out in the wilderness, instead of the shooting range lane. He was in his happy place!

Afterwords we went out to eat with his family. And, chose to go across the street to the Fish Pond where the boys could feed the fish. Now, they were in their happy place! It was probably the best $0.50 we spent on vacation. M kept pointing “Wow, wow!” Every time the fish would jump up and get the fish food. Even their grandma had a blast!

Okay, we all had a blast! I’d never seen fish jump so fast. Ain’t no other fish getting my food today!

Our 5th Anniversary

Our next favorite day was our anniversary, obviously! But, I’ll share a post dedicated to that day. Because, it was also the first time the boys went fishing so we have lots of good pictures to share!

Our Mini Anniversary Getaway

It really worked in our favor to have planned our vacation during our anniversary. Hi, babysitters! We we’re also gifted with a mini getaway. John’s parents treated us to a night away at the cutest little hotel by the lake.

Aside from a lakeside view, there was a King size bed, an infinity pool, and no kids. Um, hi!

We arrived to the hotel around 3 pm. Lazed around. And, then got ready to have the best sushi we have ever had, in a cute little lake side town. If you’re local and have not been to Saketome in Bigfork, what are you doing with your life? We came back and did the infinity pool and hot tub under the stars. Even those 18 hours together were so nice! Definitely a treat, and easily our top moment from our vacation. Did I say that sushi was amazing?!?!

Spending time outdoors

In true Montana fashion, some of her favorite things we did were outdoors. This particular Saturday we went out with our family to a four wheeling track. My dad had a new side-by-side toy that he wanted to share with his grandbabies. So, we loaded up the caravan with a truck, four-wheeler, side by side, a van full of one family, and our car , and headed up to the woods for some family fun.

We did end up getting lost. And, going all the way up somebody’s private road to their drive way. And, our black car was unrecognizable due to all the dust. But, the boys had a blast playing with their cousins. And, riding on the big boy toys!

Montana Road Trip : First Week

Big Brother Takes on The Mini Kayak.

We ended that day down by the river hanging with some old family friends. And, my little guy, who hates getting water in his face, took a really big and brave step. My three-year old eagerly hopped on the mini kayak. And, bravely paddled across the river. He did so well, and looked like a natural! Although, keeping the other little one entertained and away from the river wasn’t fun. Watching my baby do something so brave, was the coolest! I hope my kids continue to be braver than their mama!

Montana Roadtrip : Week One

It only took almost an entire month to share about our family vacation. But, it was such a blast. We all really loved every exhausting second. And, E keeps begging to go back. Promise I will share the second week’s worth of favorite moments sooner.