Happy Saturday friends!

We’ve been back to the real world for almost two weeks.If you follow along on social media, you know we were back in our home state mid July. I’ll share more this next week! And, it’s been kind of hard to get back in the rhythm.

The boys were off the walls. And, as you can imagine the grown ups were struggling with that. But, we’re here already a week into August surviving!

Remember in the beginning of 2018 where we talked about how sloooow January was? And, then I said I had Spring Self Care goals. How’d we go from that, to AUGUST?! Summer doesn’t really have much meaning in our house besides heat. But, when I stop to think that so much summer has passed, I’m shocked!
There hasn’t been a whole lot going on. The same load of laundry on repeat and a whole lot of threenager sass. The biggest thing, and it’s actually quite a big deal, that happened to this little family is my husband re-enlisting last week.

The Ronan family is a military family for another five years!

Ronan Family Update
Cue awes for flashback engagement pictures.

Ronan Family Update: still a military family.

“The plan” / dream was to put in the six years and get back to the mountains asap. But, the year before the end of his contract, when we thought we’d be spending time researching jobs back in Montana, was spent deployed. And, with a family of 4 it just doesn’t make sense for us to leave a steady job with such great benefits. Even if it means we would have been back where our hearts consider home. So, for the next five years… and, probably nine years after that, you’ll find my husband in uniform and me and the boys following where he goes. Although, we’re currently at a base that tends to be a long stay, Alcatravis – since it’s so close to Alcatraz, so we may just be here.
Military life was never in the dreams for either of us. But, it’s made for a very good life for us. We’re not rich, but we are not struggling. The check hits the account every 1st and 15th, despite the threats of Government Shutdown every few years. The hubby likes his job. And, I’m more than happy to keep supporting my husband as he serves our country, one blood sample at a time. No matter how many deployments or moves we may face. Home is with these boys.
Although, truthfully, I am a little leery about what school age may be like for the boys. But, that’s a bridge we’ll cross when we get there. And, a blog post for another day!
So, now we go back to the day-to-day. Forever dreaming of my goals of getting my act together and losing that baby weight and mastering the budget. Until one random day my husband receives orders. Then we’ll have  military talk!
The next biggest decision we have to conquer is for me. I’m currently going through a “mom crisis”. Think mid-life crisis but with a mom who’s wondering who she wants to be. I know that I’ve got it so good in the realm of working. I only work two days a week and get to bring my kids, it really IS the best of both worlds. I just don’t think it’s what I want long-term. I don’t think I want to be nanny when we move again.
Working with kiddos was always my dream. And, I still have a heart for little ones. But, man when you’re in the thick of young kiddos exhaustion at home and work, it’s draining. I mean it could be the total lack of adult interaction talking. Or, just the desire for change. I just know I have a tug in my heart for something new.
So, I’m looking for signs and answered prayers. All while knowing that I’m blessed where I’m at. And, learning to take deep breaths and ask for Mom breaks when needed. But, who knows maybe in the near future you’ll be reading a post titled meet the newest Wellness Coach. Or, come meet at the Barre because I’m a certified Barre instructor. Only time will tell!
Ronan Family Update: We’re still a military family!