Today I got my Christmas present from my mother in law. The Crockpot Express Crock.Their version of the Instant Pot. I was literally so excited!

I had no intentions of asking for the Instant Pot for Christmas. As, I know they are spendy. And, I don’t like to ask for things, especially if it’s expensive. But, while my mother in law was in town for Thanksgiving I had mentioned it. And, she hoped on board. And, insisted it fell into the Christmas gift budget.

As I was doing my research I wanted to find the best deal I could. Save a little were you can! I found an Instant Pot for $63 on Black Friday. I was so excited that one was almost $30 cheaper than usual. But, it looked different then I had ever seen. I thought maybe it’s just the newest one.

Nope. My instincts were right. Y’all InstantPot is the brand, not the product. Insert facepalm. I had my MIL purchase a multi-Cooker, all but pressure/Instant, for my expensive gift. And, I had to tell her it was wrong. May I please try again?

So, finally after dreaming over my very own Instant Pot pressure cooker for three weeks I found that Crockpot ( also the brand, not the product who knew??) had just released their own version for cheaper. I couldn’t find any reviews comparing the two. But, double checked that it had all the same cooking capabilities, including pressure. And, went for it!

It arrived yesterday after dinner time. So, I knew I had to use it today. This morning as I was reading the included mini cookbook I folded down half of the pages for trying.

For dinner I had planned Aloha chili. A recipe I had found on Pinterest years ago. It’s a slow cooker chili that I had done as a stove-top dinner. But, with the pot having a Beans/Chili button I thought why not  try the Express Crock?

And, it turned out to be such a breeze! It was so quick and easy. In fact, so easy I have zero pictures to show you. This post was not planned. As much as I’d love to be good with recipes, this is not primarily a food blog. But, I am so happy with my Crockpot Express Crock on the first use I had to share!

Quick & easy. An effortless take on Chili in the Instant Pot. And, review of the CrockPot verison, Crockpot Express Crock.

Here’s how I easily turned a stove top Aloha Chili into an Instant Pot recipe.

There is a sauté button. Um hi! The coolest.

I threw a pound of beef and some chopped onion in the pot and hit the sauté until it was cooked. It was so easy and cooked the beef amazingly.

Then I added:

28 oz can of pineapple chunks with half the juice
Two 15 oz can of kidney beans
One 6 oz Organic tomato paste
One 15 oz can of Organic chunk tomatoes
1/2 chopped red pepper
Approximately 1T Chili powder
Salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste

Hit the Beans/Chili button. And, went to put away laundry.

My first impressions of The Crockpot Express Crock

It looks exactly like the Instant Pot verison. Nothing besides the logo would tell you otherwise.

The Sauté/Brown is amazing.

Not sure, realistically, that I will pull out the big pot for just frying up ground meat, but I loved the way it cooked it up so quickly and effortlessly. Definitely so helpful in making meals one pot!

The free mini cookbook pamphlet is great.

I had saved nearly half the recipes to try. It looked pretty and had great recipes. Although, it kept calling for capsicum and I have no idea what that is.


I literally felt like I put zero work into dinner. And, got the product of a meal that you often have to hover over to stir and simmer.

Easy clean-up.

The Crockpot Express is dishwasher safe. Yes please. Not only can it be a throw-it-all-in and forget about it dinner, you get to wash the inner pot in the dishwasher!

I am an instant fan!

I already love it. And, can’t wait to keep trying recipes. It will be perfect for our family as we both work, are working to cut down eating out, and I have the hardest time meal planning a variety of meals.

If you’re contemplating the Instant Pot but have a bit of sticker shock, after only one use, I would suggest saving a little and going with the Crockpot Express Crock. This isn’t sponsored at all, I am just truly happy with it. Now, I’m excited to toss that $19.98 Target Crockpot I bought six years ago. And, replace it with six more features. But, I need some help. Where do you put the huge contraption??