I’ve been kind of quiet around here lately. We’ve been in the thick of the “threenager” stage. And, there just haven’t been any moments to spark a well written blog post. I mean do you really want to hear about how many times I argued with a short human about silly things? Then I thought, well maybe you might. I know I am not the only mom who is struggling in the three-year old year, so yes let’s unite. Let’s talk about how we are losing our minds. Well combat the powerful threenager attitude as one.

With lots of coffee.

To begin our Threenager Series, let’s first begin with what exactly is a threenager. Urban Dictionary says “A three year old child spouting attitude like a spoiled teenager.” Spot on.

A threenager is literally like a tiny teenager. Here’s three ways I’ve found my son to be a threenager.

 Three year olds were nick named accordingly as Threenagers. Here’s three ways to tell if yours is a threenager !

They are irrationally emotional.

My darling sweet first -born was such an easy baby. He hardly cried and when he did he was easily consoled. Fast forward three years and now he cries when he can’t button his pants. And, cries even harder when I tell him just a minute please I am going to the bathroom.

You probably have a threenager if you’re three year old is irrationally emotional.

They want their own way.

My son loves waffle sandwiches for breakfast. Two waffles and peanut butter. He never eats the whole sandwhich, so one day I just toasted one waffle put on the peanut butter, and cut it in half. Wrong move. That is not how he wanted it.

A threenager has already made up their mind about what they want. And, their minds are hard to sway.

They don’t want to listen to any one.

There are multiple times throughout the day where I will literally say my son’s name four times in a row before I have to yell it to even get him to blink. So, like I’m going to get him to listen when I say eat your veggies. Or, stop running in the house.

Nope a threenager doesn’t have time to listen.

We even have a saying in our house. How do we listen? “All the way. Right away. With a joyful heart.” Sounds easy right? He spouts out this rule regularly. But, continues to run. Play rough with his brother. And, scream. And, giggle too loud.

Ultimately, threenagers are just excited. They have such a joy and zest for life. They are still little. No matter how old their sass makes them seem. And, I know that’s what makes our struggle that much harder in the Ronan house. E seems like such a little grown up. He’s articulate. Smart. Independent. It’s so easy to forget that he is just three. Half of my wardrobe is older than he is. But, their zest and little teenager tendencies sure make the day-to-day hard. If you’re stuck in the frustrating threenager stage keep coming back every Thursday. Threenager Thursday. And, you’ll see just how not alone you are!