I’ve always followed along with the health industry trends. Since the summer before fifth grade when my mom and I walked daily and loooved us our nightly roasted veggies. Shout out mom!  From then on we’d get the healthy magazines, always looking for that magic plan that would get us to our dream bodies. We evolved from skim milk to unsweetened almond milk only. Dipped our toes in Weight Watchers. And, have done the Military Diet a handful of times. My dream from 2013-2017 was to be Paleo. And, I kinda tried Keto the beginning of this year.

Cut out fruit, added all the heavy cream to my coffee, only had cheese sticks for snack, and put a lot of cream cheese in our dinners.
For as long as I have been searching for the right plan. The right diet to get me comfortable in my skin. I’m still searching on Pinterest. Deep down I know that there isn’t one right or wrong diet. That my body needs lots of veggies, some fruit, healthy lean protein, limited sugar, and to be moved regularly. What’s that diet called?!
I am certainly not at my goal yet. In fact I’m further away than I was in the beginning of the year. Thanks Little Debbies! But, I’ve made a mental switch recently. And, I want to talk to you about the different pieces of diet programs I’ve been piecing together to help me get in a better state of mind when it comes to my Mom-of-two body.

Here’s How I’ve Been Eating Lately: An alternative to one strict diet.

An alternative to one strict diet.

Tracking Macros

Way back in the day. Twenty pounds ago. I was using My Fitness Pal. And, almost two months ago, I pulled it back up when I decided to start Tracking Macros. One of the things I had never “tried”. And, I’ve been logging on daily since!
The moving is slow. As I haven’t had a perfect macro day once. But, I’m really liking being able to see how I’m doing for protein, carbs, and fat every day. It’s been good to see “Oh that chocolate dipped chewy bar didn’t ruin my day.” And, “Wow that white chocolate sauce has a lot more sugars/carbs than I really realized.” Tracking Macros has really helped me realize that things don’t have to be good or bad.
But, like I said the scale has been moving slow… if at all. So, I wanted to really follow a diet again, ya know just until I get rid of these last six months of sneaking Little Debbies… and all the things after bedtime. So, I started researching Keto again.

Fresher Keto

Like I said, the time I “tried” Keto. I was eating a lot of cream cheese and heavy cream. Not a ton of veggies. And, zero fruit. No matter what they say about your body burning the tons of fat you’re taking in, deep down it just did not feel like a healthy choice. I still feel that way. To label bananas as bad, and cream cheese as the new healthy is baffling to me. So, my goal for Keto this time is to eat more fresh food. In fact, you probably could just label me more low carb. As I’m not at the goal 25-50 carbs daily.

But, I am treating fruit as treats. Eating spinach and or lettuce at every meal. Afternoon snacks are low carb protein shakes and veggies. And, having heavy cream in my coffee again. Have you tried that?! Girl. Iced Americanos with heavy cream is the bomb, always!

Intermittent Fasting

The last piece of the puzzle. Was kicking the habit that got me to where I’m at now. Late night snacking. I decided around the time that I started tracking that I needed to stop late night snacks, duh. But, recently I heard somebody talking about intermittent fasting. I heard of it before. But, didn’t know “the rules”. So, never even attempted. This lady says she fasts 6 pm to 10 am. Woah. My goal is have dinner ready by 5. But, realistically 6 pm can still be dinner time. That time frame wasn’t going to work for me. However, I can totally make 10 am work! So, for me Intermittent Fasting has looked like having a final snack/dessert/ protein shake by 8 pm and eating again the next day.

So, far so good! It’s forcing me to decide if I’m really hungry. Or, if I’m telling myself I am just to have that bed time snack when everybody else is asleep. Since starting two weeks ago, I have yet to eat past 9 pm! I wake up feeling great in the morning. It was more than common for me to wake up with an achy belly, but with me fasting when I’m sleeping my belly feel perfect. And, I wake up with zero bloat. Even better!!

It’s not one diet. Not one magic pill. And, it’s not even fast weight loss. But, here is what I have pieced together to help me reach my health goals. A little bit of fresher Keto, tracking my macros, and intermittent fasting. If you’re looking for something that might work for you, but isn’t a super strict diet, give this combo a try!