I received a Pampered Momma Box to share with all of you!

Formerly Pampered Momma Box, a review on Emma & Prince subscrition box

Disclaimer: I did receive this box as a gift in exchange for a review. All opinions are authentic and my own.

When I opened the box and it smelled delicious. And, natural. Very homemade, in the best possible way! I love to know that my products are safe. So, the aroma of homemade vanilla soap is a win in my book. And, for my nose!

Formerly Pampered Momma now Emma & Prince

The packaging is very sweet and simple. With purple and white cardboard confetti. There is a print out explaining all that is included in the box, as well as contact information for the company.

Inside the box there are five special pampering goodies.

Formerly Pamperd momma, Emma & Prince Box, contents

The first piece is Organic Soy Warm Vanilla wax melts. Probably the perfect vanilla I’ve smelled. Being an organic wax, the smell isn’t fakey, like that flavor can sometimes be. Along side that is a Warm Vanilla oatmeal soap bar. This was what filled the box with aroma. It is a perfectly subtle blend oatmeal and vanilla! You can see the oats in the bar of soap, so it’s very authentic. It is a very sturdy block of soap. And, left my hands super soft.

Next, there is a pretty infuser bottle. It is empty so you can fill with your own favorite essential oil. Now, I have to start exploring oils! And, it is the perfect size for putting in any room. As well as an  aromatherapy inhaler. This I’m excited to try! It is the size of a chap stick, so it seems perfect for a mom’s bag. Fill it up with some Lavender or another Calming oil… maybe there’s one called “So mom doesn’t lose her cool”, and then pull it out for a quick inhale during those rough mom moments while out and about.

The last piece I just missed being able to use! A bump oil. It has a very subtle smell. One I couldn’t really place, but liked it all the same. With sunflower, coconut, sesame, jojoba, olive, and lavender oils, as well as fatty acids, and coconut milk, it went on silky. And, left my squishy Postpartum belly very soft. Although, this product is intended for nourishing a growing bump, I’m sure it works great as an after bath oil!

I so enjoyed receiving this box! It is a win in my book.

Now, due to recent changes Pampered Momma Boxes have changed to Emma & Prince boxes.
This monthly delivery service will be for mommy and baby! Mommy will still receive 4-6 pamper products and baby will receive a special surprise. The educational piece, toy, or baby accessory will have been tested and used by the baby behind Emma & Prince.

See how you can get involved in a community of mothers and children over at The About section of Emma & Prince. And, to get your hands on your own use the code “Royalty” for 10% off your first 3 month subscription!