DIY Rain Boot Easter Basket
It’s Easter week. And, the first time I have put together an Easter Basket. Even though this is my son’s third Easter. Is that awful? My sister-in-law said that she had seen a rain boot Easter basket recently on Facebook. I actually didn’t realize it was a thing. But, I ran with the idea!

Step One Find Your Boot

I found these Ranyzany boots on Amazon. I thought the cute airplane print would be a great base for an Air Force themed basket. Since Daddy is deployed for this Easter. And, E is currently in love with Captain America.

Step Two Find Your Filling

At first, I was worried that his toddler sized boots wouldn’t have enough space for filling. But, they turned out perfect! So, if you’re filling a basket for a toddler, lucky you. Pick out a few fun items. Run with the theme of your boot, like I did. Or, go with the basic bunny Easter basket.

Rain Boot Easter basket. Captain America. Air Force themed!
The foam air plane was found at Hobby Lobby, and is a two-in-one craft! The zipper-pull is the perfect addition to his favorite Captain America sweatshirt, and will help him master zipping it up. I chose the Captain America treat containers from Target in place of Easter eggs.

Step Three Assemble

Start stuffing! The goal is to have the items most following the theme to be sticking out the top of the boots. Thankfully, his toddler size 8 boots turned out to be the perfect sized basket! Although, his toothbrush didn’t make the cut. But, that’s okay as TMNT doesn’t go with the theme. Get all the goodies in place. And then add in the filler to make it look cuter and more polished.

Air Force Easter Basket

Voila! An Easter Basket that has a purpose. I love that these baskets are not only adorable and out of the norm, but they are practical too. My little may or may not already be jumping in puddles with his fancy new airplane boots. April showers after all!