One Trick That Turns Brushing Teeth from a Disaster to a Breeze

 How I get my kid to enjoy brushing his teeth!

I remember for a good six months back when my oldest was a young toddler brushing teeth was a total screaming battle. He had stains from The Vitamin Drops he was prescribed as an infant. So, our goal was to make sure his teeth, aside from what we couldn’t control, were as clean as they could be. But, as I’m sure with a lot of kids, stopping for 2 minutes twice a day with your mouth open, was not something he was down for. One of us would have to hold him down while the other scrubbed. Meanwhile he’s screaming bloody the whole time.

Thankfully he has grown out of the screaming. But, he’s still a little kid. And, well. Not very thorough. He’d do a quick horizontal scrub in about 10 seconds. A quick suck of the toothpaste. And, call it good. It wasn’t good.

Then one night I tried something. I walked into the bathroom and called myself Dentist Aly. And, a new routine was born!

Brushing teeth became less of a disaster and more of a thorough cleaning. Who knew it could be as simple as making into a game? Not, to mention it keeps the dentist fun and relatable. But, my son does have a few requirements to insure his perfect Dentist Aly appointment.

Refer to yourself as Dentist.

I get corrected immediately if I try to brush his teeth as mom.

Keep it professional, but upbeat.

Which also helps Mom not get frustrated when it becomes giggly and squirmy. Would a Dentist snap, or would they be patient and calmly redirect? Ok, 80% of the time it keeps me in line.

End the visit calling him your best patient.

This one is a must for my son. If Dentist Aly doesn’t say he’s her favorite patient, he will come back and tell her!

Quickly switch back to mom and ask how his appointment went.

We have been playing Dentist Aly for at least a month now, and it’s really made such a difference! So, if brushing teeth is a struggle for your little one, why not turn it into a game? It helps my 3 -year -old feel like we are having fun instead of doing a chore. Helps him to feel comfortable with the dentist. And, pretending to be somebody else helps  mom to feel a bit more patient, with something that used to make her crazy voice come anything. Anything that makes the bed time routine less painful is a win, right?