I have a confession…

I don’t really like turkey.

Although, I have had some Thanksgiving turkeys that I’ve reallg enjoyed. As a whole, I don’t love turkey meat. And, it certainly is not the star of the show for me. Stuffing and pie is where it’s at!
My husband feels the same way. About turkey at least. It’s just the four of us on Thanksgiving. And, I’m not about to cook all day and then fight with a four year old about trying something new. Sorry, not sorry! So, here we are on our sixth Thanksgiving with no family traditions of our own.
That’s why today we are going to talk about Non-Traditional Thanksgiving meals. What we’ve done, what we are going to do this year, and some other ideas I’ve picked up online.
All the Non-Traditonal Thanksgiving ideas. Here’s what you can eat if you don’t want turkey!

Out of the five other Thanksgivings I have only cooked up one, sort of Thanksgiving, dinner. On our very first Thanksgiving we drove up to Oregon to be with John’s family. The next, Easton’s first, was with friends; and, one of the most delicious, shout out Taylor! We’ve spent two others with our closest military friends, hey Andrew and Kim! Last year was a late night trip to Oregon. So, while I did try to do turkey sliders like my mom always did, they were just not the same without real Thanksgiving left overs.


One year I did buy a BBQ turkey tenderloin and fix it up with veggies and pie leading up to Thanksgiving, but that’s about all we’ve done.


This year is our first year with no additional plans. Just this little Ronan family at home. Unsure about what in the world to eat on Thanksgiving. We thought about going super non-traditional:

Homemade pizza night

Taco night

Or, maybe keeping it traditional using a family recipe, Grandma June’s spaghetti.

But, we decided to keep up with the Thanksgiving theme. Having a meat as the main dish, and then traditional sides, and pies  of course!


So, for the Ronan Thanksgiving 2018 we will be having a store-bought rotisserie chicken. Girlfriend has yet to make a good roast chicken at home…😩 Grandma Joy’s stuffing. Mashed potatoes… or, mashed cauliflower! Keto Pumpkin Pie, so I don’t have to feel as guilty about eating most of it myself. And, a store-bought pecan pie, because my husband doubts my baking experiments.


Here are some other notable Non-Traditional Thanksgivings

if you’re family is small like ours. Or, aren’t huge turkey fans… also, like us!

I had Facebook friends suggest a crab or steak dinner, Dr. Pepper pineapple ham, or even a pasta night instead!

Here are some good finds from Pinterest:

These meals are non-traditional in they are not the big bird, but they are still very fall friendly!

Or, you can do Thanksgiving like us. Mostly traditional with a meat main dish and some tasty sides. Just sans turkey bird. Pick out your favorite main dish meat. Maybe the perfect steak  with garlic butter. Add at least one side, Baked Mac works with anything. Add in your favorite vegetable, and carb; biscuits are my jam! With your favorite dessert, because duh! Dump cakes are the easiest, and so good.
So there you have it! A list of Non-Tradtional Thanksgiving meal ideas. I hope you left here with some ideas on how to still have a nice family dinner this Thanksgiving, even without the turkey. Let me know what you end up doing for your Non-Traditional… or, even your Traditonal Thanksgiving Dinner!