This is my oldest fourth Halloween and the first time he’s got a store-bought character costume. We’re going to be The Ninja Turtles, post to come. But, all the other Halloween’s I did no planning. And, he still was gosh darn cute in thrown together costumes. Here’s how I threw together Halloween costumes the day of.

So, you need a Halloween costume on October 31st. How to throw together a costume in a day!

The first Halloween was super simple. My little pumpkin was 26 days old. And, his auntie had already gifted him a sweet little pumpkin costume before he was born. Bam, done!

The second year I had some ideas for easy DIY but October got away from me, and then I felt bad that I didn’t have anything to dress him up in on Halloween.

Last year  I WAS going to buy him a costume before his birthday to go with his birthday theme, and get multiple wears out of it… and, then I just didn’t. So, we were just a few days before Halloween and this little munchkin, who by the way has no idea what Halloween is, didn’t have a costume. Now, I don’t know if you have ever gone shopping for a costume the day before Halloween, but it’s not pretty. And, it’s not cheap. Sorry, but to be spending $20+ on something your little human will only wear once does not seem smart! Regardless, I tried. We went to the store on base, and they were actually having a 25% off sale. But, the costume I wanted for him was too big, and the costume he wanted was poor quality, stitching already falling out, and still $18!

I HAD to think of a DIY costume! Pinterest was of no help this time. Sorry Pinterest, no hate! I was thinking of what we have and what we could use again. Which is my first step in this How-To guide.

Use What You Already Have.

As a one year old he had a bald head and a cute little round face. Hello, Charlie Brown! As a two year old he had a handmade, adorable Minion hat. Bam, Kevin… or, Bob, it was a running debate.

Build the Outfit Around the Key Piece.

Which in the past two years had been adding in a yellow shirt… so, maybe that’s another step! Go to the thrift store and get your little something cute. And, cheap. The cool part about this step is you can reuse because they are real clothes!

Assemble and Melt Over How Darling Your Kid Looks.

And, high-five yourself that you have built a costume in a day for half the price of  a store-bought.