My Go-To Starbucks Orders

This mama has loved coffee since before she became Mama. Working as a barista was  my dream first job. And, I loved it! There was something about finding the right combination of flavors. Trying the special first thing in the morning, before the sun was even out. The smell of fresh ground espresso. I mean, if we’re being honest, the tips🙌🏻.

I think I could count on one hand the amount of lattes I made for myself. I realized within the first couple weeks that a barista’s drink, at least at the drive through coffee huts of Montana, was an iced Americano. Usually white chocolate. Or, with honey and cinnamon if they were being healthy. Before we go on to what I order, let’s chat about  what the options are.

Americano – espresso + water + usually  a splash of milk/cream of your choice

Latte – espresso + milk of your choice

Iced coffee – brewed coffee that’s  been chilled

Brewed coffee

Cold brew – coffee brewed overnight in cold water instead of instantly with hot water

And, then  you can add flavored syrups and sauces as you chose. My go-to flavors at Starbucks are white chocolate, sugar free cinnamon dolce, caramel sauce, and hazelnut every once and awhile. Unless it’s the holiday season, then I’ll take all of the fun holiday flavas!

So, if the next time you’re at Starbucks you think what would Aly order? Here’s what! Here are my go to Starbucks orders. You won’t be disappointed.

My Go-To Starbucks Orders

Pictured: Venti Passion Tea Lemonade with raspberry – so perfect for summers!

Venti iced half sweet white chocolate Americano with cream and extra ice

Venti cold brew with sugar-free cinnamon dolce and cream

Venti iced Americano with 2 pumps white chocolate, 3 pumps hazelnut, cinnamon powder, cream, and extra ice

Venti iced Americano with light water, extra coconut milk, and 1 stevia

Venti iced Americano with 3 pumps sugar-free vanilla, cream, extra ice, and extra caramel drizzle – Caramel Macchiato inspired

Venti iced half sweet white chocolate peppermint Americano … you know with cream & extra ice

Venti iced Americano with heavy cream & extra ice

Venti iced Americano with 1 honey, heavy cream, cinnamon, and extra ice

To shake up any Americano combo try the blonde roast espresso or ristretto shots!

So, basically if you want to order an Aly coffee go with an iced Americano add your favorite sweetener/ flavor, half and half, heavy cream if you’re feeling wild, and extra ice always!

10 Starbucks orders to try today!