I am hardly a shopper. All of my paycheck goes to food. So, while I’m dropping at least a $125 a week, it’s not on anything fun. Yay family of four stuff. I wouldn’t even know where to begin putting together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide. For this mama anything coffee or Target, to be honest. So, from me this Mother’s Day you will be getting my dream Mother’s Day. In hopes that you can make a special mom in your life a have an amazing day.

What I really want this Mother’s Day. My Dream Mother’s Day!

My Dream Mother’s Day

I would start the morning having actually slept. A full night. I won’t get picky, I can live on 6 hours,easy. My perfect Mother’s Day would start after 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I would be woken up to my favorite coffee waiting for me. You remembered all my complicated extras. Venti Iced Half Sweet White Chocolate Americano with cream and extra ice. And, a beautifulbouquetof Peonies on thetable.  The boys would have already been fed. In front of the TV, I don’t care. And, that first icky morning diaper would already have been changed.

I would drink my coffee in peace on the couch while scrolling Instagram and Pinterest.

The three-year would listen the first time. The baby wouldn’t be teething. They wouldn’t jump on the couch. And, would share nicely. They would spend a chunk of the day playing together in their bedroom. And, Mom could have a turn on the tv.

I would take a bath with a bath bomb and essential oils. Uninterrupted. With the door locked. Instead of the normal rushed shower with at least half of my kids climbing in.

My makeup and hair would be on point. I’d have a new adorable outfit that makes me look skinny. The boys would cooperate for a sweet Insta pic.

I wouldn’t have to clean a single dish. The house would stay clean for more than two minutes. And, the three-year would put away his toys with no fuss.

I’d be sent to Target alone. Without a budget!

I wouldn’t have to buckle or unbuckle a single car seat. Or, cook a single meal.

My husband wouldn’t make me decide what to eat for dinner. The three-year old would eat. And, his love for veggies would be reawaken! We’d go out for dessert and I would eat as much as I wanted without a tummy ache. Or, gaining weight.

The boys would be asleep by 8. They would both stay in their bed. I’d climb into a made bed, with fresh sheets and no kiddy crumbs. And, fall asleep watching FRIENDS in bed.

Basically. My perfect Mother’s Day is a day off. A day where I can actually feel like my own person again. But, I will gladly settle for a coffee (sorryJohn, that’s non negotiable), flowers, a sweet “Mommy you’re so pretty” from my loving three- year old, and extra helping hand!