I have been a military wife since 2013. My husband enlisted eleven months after we started dating. So, the military has been part of our makeup for most of our relationship. But, I’ve never felt like “Military Wife” was something I could claim. I’ve never done anything, besides shopping at the commissary, to earn that title. Four months into our first deployment, I know that it is part of our identity, but there are others who have it worse. On this Memorial Day While My Husband is Deployed, I want to recognize the people who we celebrate on this long weekend.

Families who have those on the front lines.

I don’t think I could say Thank You Jesus enough, that my husband has the job he does. As a Medical Lab Tech, he is in a hospital testing blood and urine. My heart goes out to the wives that have to worry about their husbands safety on the daily basis. You are strong. And, we recognize you.

Families with members deployed in dangerous places.

Deployments are the worst, regardless. Months away from your family is hard. But, not every family is blessed with the reassurance of safety that we are. We still get to see each other twice a day via Face Time, and I recognize that is not the norm either. My thoughts go out to families who have to be separated, and constantly worry about their loved ones’ safety of top of it.

Families that have to stay on base during deployment.

I was very, very fortunate that I was able to move back home during my husband’s six month deployment. Being with family has made a world of difference in our time apart. I couldn’t imagine how hard the six months would have been had we stayed back. I’m thinking of you wives and mamas who don’t have the same family support during deployment.

Those who have given their lives.

Lastly, and most importantly, the brave who given their lives for our freedom. Memorial Day is a day for us all to remember and celebrate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. My heart and my thanks go out to the families who are missing part of their own every day, not just on the long weekend.