Was January like the longest month ever for anybody else? Like 42 days. Even looking back I’m surprised and how slowly it went. That’s usually so not the case. But, now we’re here on the first Friday of February. And, I thought it’d be fun to do a mash-up of January Favorites and how I stayed intentional this first month of the new year.

I am certainly no beauty or fashion blogger. I’ve never picked up a palette and I have some clothes that are older than my first born. But, I am a mom who likes to share things! Maybe you’ll be a mom who likes these things too. So, as Zuma says “Let’s dive in!” Paw Patrol reference anyone?

My January Favorites!

1. The No-Poo Method

This is one my husband rolls his eyes at to no end. Seriously just use real shampoo, Aly. Direct quote. But, one of my biggest goals of 2018 is cut out toxics in our house. And, it just so happened my “real” shampoo had run out on the 31st. So, I pulled out my baking soda and that apple cider vinegar I’d never used and have only looked back once. You may have seen this going around a couple years ago, but here’s the pin if not. I legit just scrub my roots with baking soda and carefully pour ACV on my tips. It’s time consuming but with the use of dry shampoo on off days I’ve been able to go 4 days without the hassle of washing and blow drying my hair. It makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. And, my hair seems very healthy!

2. Barre and BodyPump

My gym recently started offering Barre classes. And, after the second class I researched how to become an instructor! I loooove it. Barre is a mix of Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet. A lot of fine toning at the ballet barre. BodyPump is a Les Mills style of lifting class. It is a fast pace class with upbeat music and works every area of your body. Both leave me feeling it all week. And, I love my new routine of Monday morning BodyPump and Tuesday morning Barre.

3. IdealRaw Chocolate Peanutbutter Protein

Hands down my favorite protein I have ever tried. It’s originally priced $44.99 but is often on sale for $34.99 or $29.99, for 30 days servings. No added sugars. Organic ingredients. And, sweet enough to just drink mixed with almond milk; however, a banana makes it even better. I love the price point. But, the shipping tends to take forever.

4. Blonde Roast Espresso from Starbucks

In Cali Starbucks is my only coffee option. So, if you’re a Starbs hater, sorry. But, You can send me your good stuff, I’ll gladly take it! I have been obsessed with their new blonde roast. I had just cut back my coffee runs to once or twice a week… until they released it. I’ll take a Venti iced blonde americano with 2 pumps toasted white mocha 2 pumps sugar free cinamon dolce, cream, and extra ice please!

6. Born To Love You by Lanco

It’s super catchy. And, our family’s new dance song. Download it.

7. Putting away laundry right after it’s folded.

Gamer changer, you guys! But, for real I’ve been working on folding our clothes not only by person but category. So, when I’ve finished the load I can take up the boys shirts, put them away, then their pants, and so on. Instead of just leaving them in a big pile in our baskets. Or, worse the actual washer. No shame, I’m a chronic rewasher too!

8. Herbal Essence Naked Dry shampoo

For whatever reason, I didn’t find dry shampoo until my second son was born. I know! But, now it’s an absolute staple. I go through a can every two and half or three weeks. I’m liking this brand because most of the ingredients are clean. Based on an app that rates toxicity, Think Dirty. However, the bad ingredient is rated a 9 out of 10, so I may keep looking.

9. Young Living Thieves cleaner

I am a newbie… sort of experimenter to essential oils. I’d love to get more into them. But, there is so much to know that I’m kind of intimated. So, I use a roller for bed time with the boys and my belly aches, and that’s about it. However, a dear friend gifted me this cleaner for Christmas and omg. It smells so good. Cinnamon mixed with citrus. And, cleans amazingly. I cleaned our white high chair as soon as I opened the present. I was instantly hooked. I’ll keep you updated how long the 16 oz concrete lasts. But, at a capful per cleaning bottle I think it will be a $22 investment I continue to make.

10. My Target Dollar Spot planner

Kinda. I’m working on being organized and goal oriented with my planner. I have a blog I want to grow. A family I want to feed healthy. A a part time job to keep track of. Bills to stay on top of. But, that’s a lot to keep in my small planner. This month I plan to get another. However, I am feeling the difference in writing out all that I need to keep track of with weekly goals. So, that’s a sort of win.

11. Keto

Again, kinda. I recently started looking into the Keto diet. Low carb high fat. And, have been following it, mostly, for the last couple of weeks. When they say low carb they mean low carb. Like the daily allowance is the same as one banana. So, it’s been hard for me to say no to healthy things like apples and bananas because of carb content. But, I love that I can still have half and half or even heavy cream in my coffee. Legit, the reason I knew this plan could be for me. I never follow a plan full out if I can’t have my coffee. And, even with slip ups and not being in the Keto range of 25-50 daily carbs, I am feeling the least bloated I have since Mason was born. So, that’s a huge win!

Voila, 11 of my January Favorites, things I was obssesed with and things that kept me intentional. How was your January? Any new favorites? Share with us below!