One of my ever running goals is “to get my life together”. I’ve probably said it in at least two posts. I’m not entirely organized, meal planning is a struggle for me, and my eating is far from where I want it to be.

2018 goals include kicking that sugar cycle for real. Train myself into being a runner. And, reign in the budget. I have been inspired by others choosing a word for the year, I wasn’t sure what single word would encompass all those things. Then I remembered a quote I once saw, “Live less out of habit and more with intent.”

Intention. My word of the year for 2018.


This is the word I chose for 2018. The changes I want to see for myself will not just come on their own. One dirty habit I picked up this year was snacking in bed. It became so habitual that I looked forward to grabbing something processed to devour after the kids were in bed, even if i wasn’t hungry. And, that same thing so easily happens in a busy life. You go with the motions. You live following habits. But, that’s not serving my goals of personal growth.

So, in 2018 I will live with intention. I will start the month, the weeks, the days with goals and the intention to follow them. My calendars and planners will not just be out because they’re cute. Anybody else guilty of purchasing way too many notebooks planners because they are pretty? They will be written in. And, looked at regularly.

To live my best 2018 I need to live with intention.

Intentional with our budget.

Intentional with my health. The things that go in my body and getting it moving.

Intentional with health of my family. Continuing to cut out toxic products in our daily lives.


What’s your word for the year?