I don’t know if you’ll be as shocked as my sister-in-law, but I have never hoped on the Bulletproof Coffee game. I’ve been a Pinterest fiend from the very beginning. And, a health trend follower from even before my  first Pin. And, most of all, coffee is my love language! Bulletproof coffee seems like it would scream Aly, but I’ve just never given it a shot.

I love me some iced coffee. You should know by now. And, very rarely use my Keruig, despite how long I swooned over the Oasis Blue that now sits on my counter. So, I just never made an effort to get into it because you can’t blend up butter and coconut oil with cold coffee!

Or, can you?

Three different bulletproof coffee techniques. Plus the perfect iced bulletproof coffee!

My sister-in-law texted me at least three times about Bulletproof Coffee since she’s been doing Keto. And, even made the point that if she, the Coffeemate Peppermint Mocha creamer with a dash of coffee addict, is enjoying it, I would totes love. So, here we are. I’m here to share with you my experience with Bulletproof Coffee. Like five years after it hit the scene. Never to late, right?!

First day I tried the most basic recipe you could find on Pinterest. One hot cup of coffee, 1 tablespoon of Grass Fed Butter and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, blended up in the blender. I was surprised how long I had to blend with my Ninja. But, it was pretty good! A nice flavor without being overly sweet. Frothy. Just the right taste of coffee without tasting like straight black coffee. (Those descriptions probably seem contradictory, unless you’ve tried Bulletproof)

3 different bulletproof coffee techniques. The answer for iced coffee lovers!
Three different bulletproof coffee techniques. Tried by an iced coffee lover!

However, it’s not really a coffee you can sip for very long. Mine lasted maybe 30 minutes of quickly getting ready for taxes before the coconut oil thickened back up and got curdled. And, that’s just not an acceptable way to drink coffee!

Next, I am trying it with cold brew!

I did a quick search of Pinterest and it really seems like you don’t blend the cold coffee with the coconut oil and butter. Anxious to not waste my precious Stok cold brew, I decided to melt the butter and coconut oil first and then blend it with my cold brew.

It did not work.
I wasted a perfectly good cup of cold brew. 😓

So, that morning I drank it again blended with hot coffee. But, added a dash of cinnamon for some flavah.

I wasn’t ready yet to give up hope on drinking Bulletproof Coffee cold. It has to be possible! So I took to Pinterest and did find a recipe for an iced version.

You melt the coffee, coconut oil, and butter in a sauce pan. And, then put it over ice.

I started with the butter and coconut oil. And, then added a cup of cold brew just long enough to blend in without getting overly hot. I blended in the blender. Because, that is one step you can’t skip. Then put it in the fridge for less than 10 mins, anxious to avoid oil solidifying, and poured it over ice. The froth kind of got lost in the ice. But, I loved that it was the Bulletproof flavor in my normal cold coffee.The perfect bulletproof coffee for iced coffee lovers!

The perfect iced bulletproof coffee for iced coffee lovers!

Lastly, I felt like I could not hit publish on this post if I didn’t just try. If I didn’t put that cold brew, coconut oil, and butter in the blender straight up and see what happens. I did and it’s a hard no.

Overall, if I want to have an Aly style bulletproof coffee, I would do the slight melt in the sauce pan, quick fridge, and less ice next time. Although, the cup I tried blending cold was pretty delicious warm after I threw it in the pan. The flavor of the cold brew was enough to still be delish even though it wasn’t drank cold.

The perfect iced bulletproof coffee

  • Your favorite cold brew. I used Stok!
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon grass-fed butter
  • cinnamon

Melt the butter and coconut oil and butter in a sauce pan. Add a cup of coldbrew for about a minute or so, just so it starts to blend together, but doesn’t get very hot. Blend the mixture in the blender with a dash of cinnamon. Put the mixture in the fridge for 5 minutes, if that. Pour over ice and enjoy!

The perfect iced bulletproof coffee. Iced coffee lover approved!