I don’t know about you, but I am overwhelmed easily. And, when I get overwhelmed it’s easiest to just not do what I need to. So, when my house is messy, forget about it. Days will be spent on social media, and saying how frustrating and overwhelming being in charge of a house is.

True story.

But, after four years of marriage, and two babies, it was time to change that. And, actually get on top of my home making skills!

I bring to you the first installment of my Organize Your Life series : My Weekly Cleaning Schedule. How To Keep Your House Clean When You’re a Busy Mama.

Perfect cleaning schedule for busy mama's! How to keep you're house clean, the easy way.

The biggest requirement I have for a schedule is simplicity. I’m already spending all day cleaning up the same messes my two year old makes, I can’t add a crazy amount of other chores to that! So, I have been following an every other day schedule, Alternating between basic straightening up and “big” chores.

Monday – Straightening up the house from the weekend.

Tuesday – Sweep the floors

Wednesday- Straighten up

Thursday – Bathrooms

Friday- Mop the floors

Saturday- Laundry

Sunday would be a great day to meal prep, which I still dream of doing… one day. But, I’ve been taking it off. Mommies deserve some time off!

Daily- make bed, dishes, wipe kitchen counter, and leave living room cleanish before bed

Following this routine has helped keep our house clean. And, me sane! It’s been a bit rougher to keep up with since I went back to work as nanny. But, I still think it’s doable as a working mom!

Easy to follow cleaning schedule. Works great for busy mama's who don't want to spend all day cleaning!