We are in the thick of picky eating. Are you? My kid would literally eat chicken nuggets and french fries for every meal if I’d let him. I have not mastered him actually eating his vegetables yet, so that’s not the advice you will be getting from me. But, if you have that magic trick, hook a mamma up?

I am impatient by nature. Which often means getting frustrated easily. So, today my advice is how to keep your cool when your picky kid only wants chicken nuggets and french fries.

How to keep your cool when your kid is a picky eater.

Variety on the plate.

I continue to give him multiple healthy options, even if he refuses to eat it. Every meal has a protein, fruit, and a vegetable. The theory is, the more he sees it, he’ll eventually give in and try a bite.

Food that you’ll eat if they don’t.

Trick of the picky eater trade. If they won’t be eating much of what you’re making, make it something you like. Less waste.

Encourage them to try new things.

At two and half, he’s not ready to enforce the one-bite-before-you-leave-the-table rule. But, I encourage him to try. Mmm this is so good! I’d love for you to try it.

Remind them that this is what the family eats.

While trying to keep my cool. I will say, ok but remember this is how the family eats. We eat healthy. Although, I want to scream you will not win this battle. Just eat!!

Celebrate the new things they will try.

Even if it’s not necessarily healthy, I do a party dance every time my stinker tries anything new.

Shows and books that talk about eating.

“Thank you Daddy for making spaghetti. Even though I didn’t like it.” Thank you Super Why, episode King Eddie Only Eats Spaghetti. For that sweet and smart response. We are going to  checking out this books from Amazon as well.

Daniel Tries New Food

Good Enough to Eat

Most importantly, stay patient and consistent.

You can’t force them to eat. But, you can continue to offer them new and healthy foods and encourage them to try. Lead by example and show them healthy habits.

Best of luck!

One Day they’ll eat a vegetable again, mommy.