Aside from being a full time Mommy and aspiring blogger, I am a part time nanny. I am in charge of five little boys under five a few days a week. With that much little boy energy in one house it’s vital to have fun little activities planned. Recently a shift fell on one of the little guys’ birthday. I wanted to make it extra special for him. And, this is how I did it with literally five minutes of planning.

How to Make a Birthday Special With No Prep and a Hack for Pancake Batter.

Make a Birthday Special With No Prep. And a hack for pancake batter!



Truthfully, I had brought frozen donut holes to make the boys for breakfast. That was my special planning I had done. But, I remembered there was confetti pancakes batter in the pantry. And, everybody knows sprinkles means birthday.

The birthday boy slept in longer than the rest. Jealous, right? Let’s how birthdays should be spent! The others were getting hungry so I needed to get started on breakfast. As I was stirring the batter I wondered if there was anything I could do besides just frying them up to make breakfast feel more special.

Enter in an easy pancake/ cupcake hack.

I mixed the dry pancake mix with milk and an egg. And then baked them for 10 minuets at 350 degrees in a muffin tin. Breakfast cupcakes today. Or, regular ole cupcakes if you’re in a pinch and that’s all you have on hand!

A super easy birthday breakfast hack.

Thankfully, I knew they had frosting on hand to top them with. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me because I’d eat it all up, if this were at my house they would have been naked cupcakes; despite what my eight year old self always dreamed, I do not keep frosting on hand.

A super easy pancake batter hack.

All the boys were ecstatic to be having cupcakes for breakfast. And, I was so happy that we were able to celebrate the birthday boy, even though I had done zero preparation.

Aside from finding a killer hack, I do believe I’ve found a new birthday breakfast tradition. Everybody got treated to cupcakes, but mama didn’t have to worry about it being too bad for them. Win win!

Make a birthday special with no prep! And, a pancake batter hack!