Easy tips to follow to get your Christmas shopping done. With little effort. And, less pain on the bank account!

Can somebody tell me how it’s already December 6th?? How we are 19 days away from Christmas? I remember being little and doing the pull off chains in anticipation of Christmas. And, how six loops would have seemed like nothing. But, now I’m the one in charge of Christmas and it’s insane!!

This will be my oldest 4th Christmas. And, the first Christmas ever for me that presents are nearly done before the 15th. Even though this isn’t my first Christmas as a mom, purchasing gifts still snuck up on me. But, with two little boys and with E finally understanding what Christmas morning means (presents). I knew that wouldn’t cut it this year.

We are, pretty much, a pay check to pay check family. Eating out and spending too much when we go to the stores together are our biggest luxuries. Which forced me into my first tip.

Start buying a couple gifts per paycheck early.

I’ve never, ever, ever. Bought a gift in November before. But, this year I got something for each of the boys the first pay check of November. We like to buy them things throughout the year, so it didn’t feel like a big blow, like Christmas shopping often can.

My oldest brought up Santa when the Christmas decorations first came out. Which was a shock, because we’ve never talked about him before. Seriously where do kids pick things up? So, I asked him how many presents he thinks Santa will bring him. To which he responded three. Which lead me to the next tip.

As I said this is the first year he’s really understood the anticipation of Christmas and receiving presents. So, we are planning to keep our Christmases simple.

Keep Christmas simple.

The theory is, that if we start off our family tradition by not going over the top. It won’t be a disappointment that he doesn’t receive dozens of presents.

Lastly, I have been obsessed with Target’s Dollar Spot for Christmas trinkets. Would I be a be a true target lover if this wasn’t one of the tips? I have been picking up little things each Target trip for the boys stockings since I started looking in November. I plan to fill the rest of the stocking with necessities. Sippys. Yogurt bites. Toothbrush. Alll the socks (because our dog eats them.)

I personally loved stockings growing up. But, I never how quickly stockings add up! We are starting a tradition, at least when they are young, that the stockings will only be for the kids.

Keep stockings simple. And, use Target Dollar Spot. Always.

Christmas can be daunting and scary as the parent. You want to give your kids the best Christmas ever. But, man it adds up! And, sometimes you just don’t have the extra dough laying around. This is how I was able to have two thirds of my Christmas shopping done easily without it having to really hurt the bank account. Although, the thing that is absolutely most important as you are preparing for Christmas giving; is that you do what you can.

Do what you can.

Giving is a blessing. It’s a joy to give joy to others. But, giving doesn’t look the same for everybody. And, that’s okay! If you’re a family that can splurge, sweet. If you’re a family who doesn’t have anything extra, you’re not alone. Show your kids the true meaning of Christmas regardless of how much money you spend on the presents under the tree.