Three years ago at 3:31 pm you entered this world. Sunny side up with your hand by your face. you came into this world saying ‘I’m here world, let’s do this.’ And, you haven’t stopped.

You weighed 6 lbs 2 oz, the smallest baby I ever held. I could fit my fingers around your thighs for the first three months of your life. You were skinny, but oh so perfect.

I have held you tight and stole kisses from you all but two days in the past three years. You have been my tag along buddy to all occasions. Even work, (praise Jesus!). I haven’t had to miss many seconds of your short life. But, it still doesn’t feel possible that we are already at three!

I have watched you go from that tiny 6 pounder, to an easy going blue eyed gerber baby crawling around. Right in front of my eyes I watch you hold your head up on your own. Roll from your place on the blanket. To the panic of you having crawled, for the first time, behind the couch.

My heart turn to mush as you would sign “more, please, and thank you” for your meals. I couldn’t handle when you would mumble ” I luh oooooo”. And, then my entire heart was left in a puddle in the deli section of Costco when you said “I love you”. To this day you still melt me with your “I love you forever”s.

Just yesterday we were celebrating that you learned to clap. And, we were giggling as you were learning to jump. The way you tried so hard, but only one foot would leave the ground. Now, your feet are moving at a constant 100 miles an hour. You run and jump on the couch, even though you’re not supposed to, like you’re an American Ninja Warrior.

Your sweet little bottom fit in the palm of my hand. And, now you shut the door and ask for “priacy”.

I remember getting you ready to leave the hospital. I was so nervous. You were so fragile. How could I gently get your hand into the sleeve? And, now you pick out your own outfits and get dressed on your own.

You were so tiny in that car seat. I couldn’t help but worry if you were really safe. Now, you buckle yourself in.

Your sentences have grown from “mama, dada, ball” to complete sentences. And, full blown conversations. You continuously amaze me with how fluently you speak. You are a story teller and love to sing. Gone are the days of asking where’s your nose? Or, referring to yourself as baby. You are Easton Ronan now.

In the past three years, I have been exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed. Because, you were my first. It was all so new. You continue to be my first of parenting experiences. It feels you try my patience and your boundaries on the regular. But, you simply have a zest and a joy for life.

Since October 5th 2014 I have experienced a love unlike anything I could put into words. Completely engulfed in love and pride. You have been an absolute blessing.

I would give anything to stop time. Love on that precious baby again. But, since you always remind me that you have to grow, “your daddy said.” I will continue to beam with pride with every new accomplishment and milestone.

I will hold your hand as long as you let me.  I will swoop you into mama’s bed as soon as I hear that sleepy Mommy call from your bedroom. I will tell you I love you over and over and over. And, I refuse to blink because I can’t handle you getting any older!

Happy third birthday baby boy! I’ll love you forever.