When my second was born I shared with you 9 things I forgot about having a newborn. We then made it through the newborn phase and the first year with very little hiccups. But, he just turned one and is becoming even more mobile. And, we’ve been reintroduced to the struggles I had, once again, forgot about. I remember loving 12 – 18 months so much with my first. But, now being back in the thick of it, I totally remember how frustrating it can be keeping this age in line!! These are Four Things I Forgot About Having an One Year Old.

12 to 18 months is a joy! Such a fun age, but there are some struggles that come with having a one year old. Here are Four Things I Forgot About Having an One Year Old.

Diaper struggle

M took awhile to roll from back to belly. Like we are talking almost 10 months. The doctors were concerned, we were frantically trying to roll him over. Then he rolled! And, OMG that means fighting. I forgot how quick one year olds can roll when you are trying to change their diaper. And, that literally every diaper change from 12 months to 18 months is a struggle.

The start of tantrums

How is that a 12 month old baby gets so upset that they fling themselves backwards? I don’t know. But they do. My sweet perfect one year old has reminded me that even at a young age they really feel not getting their way deep down in their core. And, he shows it to me but flinging his head back and whining. Thankfully he’s still small enough to be contained in my arms. But, yay for the tantrum phase beginning. Insert eye roll.


This little one year loves to eat. He’s eaten almost everything already down to sugary fruit gushers. I know. So, I wasn’t concerned at all about introducing whole milk. I thought it would be a breeze. But, oh how I was mistaken. Weaning one year old EBF, Exclusively breastfed, babies is a pain. Please send some good vibes. Because, Mama is done!

Getting into everything

I don’t think the Xbox button, the stairs, or outlets have ever been so exciting than to a one year old you are trying to keep out of trouble. They are such quick little buggers. And, just young enough that discipline/ consequences aren’t really an option. So, your life from 12-18 months literally is just a constant race and saying no.

Who am I kidding. That’s your life now! Get okay with saying no more than anything else in your life, because you are now parenting a toddler. Who will soon be a kid. And, then a teenager. Where will it end???

Honestly. There is a reason I had forgotten about the diaper struggles, the night weanings, the full body flinging, and the constantly getting into everything. This age after their first birthday is such a joy. They are still very baby like. Cuddly and cute. And, they are learning so much. There is always a new skill. But, my favorite part is that you are still their favorite. Not just because they depend on you like they did as an infant, which they do, but they really really love you. And, they are starting to show it freely.

Without knowing how to say no… yet. That comes with two. The one year old phase, the time where you don’t know if you should keep saying month. Is a sweet, funny, but a little rough calm before the terrible two storm.