Four Moments to Cling to in the Midst of Terrible Twos
Oh my heavens, terrible twos. They are a thing. 100% yes. Undeniably. Now, I took Early Childhood Education classes, I know they are just exploring their independence. That they really aren’t being naughty. But, goodness it doesn’t make it easier when you’re trying to get your toddler to eat the oranges that they loved last week. Or, when your patience for another “I don’t want ___ ANYMORE!” fit was worn out three hours ago. There is hope though, sweet mommy! While these moments are overwhelming, the cute factor of these four two-year old moments are enough to make it through another day!

1. When they use their manners without being prompted.

We are working on “May I please…” right now, and it’s really starting to click with E. And, it’s so exciting! I am proud to be raising a toddler who will turn into a polite adult, because we are having him be polite now. Not to mention, how adorable that little voice sounds using such kind words. It will hit you in all the feels!

2. When they are playing. Fairly quietly. And, jabbering away.

I love to watch how his imagination is growing. And, so wish I could be inside his brain. What is he thinking? What is he saying. And, after you’ve finished admiring how cute and big he seems, you have some free time for Pinterest – eh, chores – while they are still playing alone.

3. The loves they give out so freely!

Nothing turns me into mush quicker than when E grabs me by the face and gives me kisses. You know mommy, how amazing it feels to be loved by your little. Words cannot describe!

4. Sleep time!

You knew that was coming. Nothing beats that victorious feeling of checking on your wild 2-year-old to find them peacefully knocked out. That sleeping face. When they are quiet and still you can really admire how stinken cute this kid is!

Two year olds are an adventure. They are strong-willed. They are learning so much, all the time. There are definitely hard moments. The moments where you’re telling yourself it’s only one day, but these four moments act as reset. Remind you that two really is such a fun age! And, quite possibly, an age you might miss one day.

Even if it’s just the sweet two-year old sleeping face!