First Family Fishing Trip

One of our favorite days on our road trip was the morning we took the boys fishing. Which so happened to fall on our 5th anniversary, so that day was kind of a big deal!

We started our morning with our go to vacation drink iced white chocolate huckleberry americanos, because duh when in Montana. And, were out on the beautiful little lake in Montana, almost an hour before we had been waking up. The lake was quiet and still. And, these peanuts were stoked!

It took a good 10 or 15 minutes and two moves of the boat to land the first fish. But, Easton Lane at 3 years old caught his first fish in MT with his grandpa and daddy! We were all excited. But, he wasn’t quite ready to touch it!

In that first fruitful spot little guy went on to catch at least three other fish. Mason and I however, were not as lucky!

Papa Craig took us for a little cruise to find a new spot. And, although the speed of the boat at 9 am was making it chilly, the scenery was absolutely beautiful. Pictures could never do it justice. But, there is definitely something about being out in the Montana wilderness!

The boys had an absolute blast watching the water splash up. Their little dimple hands loved reaching out to touch it. Meanwhile, mom was holding on tight to the second kid and her phone. I needed pictures with that iPhone X portrait mode, but man if I would have lost it in the lake… 😳

Our last spot was perfectly in the sun as the morning was starting to warm up. Easton went on to catch at least four more fish. And, baby Mason tangled his feet on the edge of the boat with his auntie.

I even reeled one in. And, both Easton and I tried to touch a fish… but, ended up being too chicken. Sorry, bub hopefully you’ll get some bravery from your dad!

We decided after reeling in the  “tenth” fish to call it a morning. And, took one last cruise around the lake. Mason fell asleep in grandma’s arms. And, Easton already couldn’t stop talking about how he caught so many fish!

The lake was so quiet and peaceful that morning. The scenery was bright and vivid. I mean Montana lakes and mountains are hard to beat! And, the boys had such a great time fishing with their grandparents and auntie, it was easily a highlight of our whole vacation!

We went on to finish our anniversary at our old sushi spot, ice cream, and lighting of a lantern left over from our wedding. It was an absolute dream being back home for such a special day. And, with the most important people in our lives!