Four years ago there were no blogs. Well, not this blog anyway. So, I never shared my first born’s birth story. But, in honor of during FOUR I thought it’d be a fun to do so now!

Here’s my first born’s birth story… four years later.

I was due September 26th 2014 with my first baby. I knew that due dates where nothing more than a guesstimate, but alas as the day came and went NINE times over, I was a little emotional. From September 26th to October 5th at 3:30 in the morning I cried more than I ever have in my life. But, finally it happened! I woke up to contractions that sure enough I knew were the real deal!

I laid in bed from 3:30 am to 4:30 am tracking the waves. The contractions weren’t very consistent, but sure enough I’d get a small cramp that would build in intensity and the come back down, and again, small cramp to more intense and back down. It was finally, really happening!

I did my best to close my eyes and rest once I knew this was it. But, I could only shut my brain off so much. And, by 6 am the contractions couldn’t be ignored. So, I kissed my sleeping husband and quietly whispered… who knows what, but you know, basically, it’s happening! Then, hopped into the shower.

The contractions were much more intense at the peak by then. And, I’d have to hunch forward with every contraction. It was the least comforting shower ever. But, you know, had to be ready for post birth photos!

By the time I was out of the shower the contractions were coming inconsistently anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes apart. I suffered through my makeup routine until they were pretty consistently 4 minutes apart. I texted my midwife to fill her in on the details and ask when she thought we should go in. Her response was whenever I felt ready. Although the contractions were getting closer to 3 minutes, my gut felt like there wasn’t that big of a rush.

I was ready for the day by 8 am. We put away the dog. Hoped the house was clean enough for my parents who would be getting in the next day. And, then loaded into the car for the last time as just a couple, to head to the hospital.

It was probably the world’s longest walk from the parking lot to the 4th floor L&D Department. Why the FOURTH floor DGMC?! The contractions were intense! I had to stop walking with every one to scrunch forward and grimace through them. It was bad enough that a random guy, in the barren military hospital on a Sunday morning, stopped and genuinely asked if everything was alright. I remember thinking so annoyed and bothered, “Dude, I’m obviously very pregnant and in labor. Duh!”

But, we made it up there. We were checked in, and then waited for my progress to be checked. I was the only one in L&D, a perk of delivering in a military hospital. When I was finally checked I was more effaced, but exactly the same dilation as when I was checked 3 days prior at my last midwife appointment. They told me to walk around for an hour and then come back to be checked again.

We decided to walk back to the car for our bags. And, I HATED IT! Walking was anything but comforting to me. It only intensified the contractions. We walked for maybe 15 minutes, to our car and back to the L&D waiting room, until I just couldn’t do it anymore. I laid curled up in a ball watching tv for about 15 more minutes before things got really intense.

I was no longer tracking how far about the contractions were. But, man they were rough! For any person who has never had contractions, I would really describe them as the worst period cramps that come in waves. It’s not just hippie thing I heard on my Hypnobabies training, they really are like waves!

After curling up in my ball for a while, I needed to get up to go to the bathroom. Those three minutes were excruciating, and I was a bit terrified to see that I was bleeding. I called John to get the nurse. When she came in she reassured me it was probably just my water breaking, but it was definitely time to be admitted and taken to the delivery room.

The doctor checked to see if my water had broken, and had discovered meconium. Meaning little dude had already had a bowel movement, and that they would just have to take care to clean him right away so he wouldn’t ingest any.

By 11:00 am it was time to call the midwife, and keep riding out the contractions. I knew from the first pregnancy test that I wanted to do it natural. Getting a shot in my back scared me more than feeling the “pain”. I knew walking was not my jam. So, I tried laboring on the ball next. And, hated that just as much.

So, I stayed curled up in the bed with as little movement as I could until my midwife got there. She encouraged me to try getting on all fours. And, that’s where I ended up staying for at least two hours that day.

My first born’s birth story... four years later.

As we got ready to start pushing my IV popped out of my vein. And, you guys! Instead of just kind of leaving it be, the nurses insisted of fumbling with it, as a first time mom who’s delivering with no meds was working through final stage contractions on all fours. Frankly, I can’t remember if they ended up getting it, but I do remember being more than annoyed. Although, I guess I didn’t show it. The delivery crew later told me that I was the nicest lady in labor, as I would smile and crack jokes in between contractions. I think we we’re experiencing two different days 😂, I was just trying to make it through the best way I knew.

When I finally got the go ahead to push my midwife came rolling in with a gigantic mirror and asks if I wanted to watch. I quickly said NO! I went on to push for nearly two hours before the “head doctor” decided I needed a little help. He pulls out the vacuum. And, the proceeds to lose it and POP me with the stinken thing! I screamed out in pain for only the second time that day, the first time was when he tried checking me with the speculum (for the record, I had to google the official name, the tool used at the gyno office😉) mid contraction.

Once the vacuum was on properly I pushed for another ten minutes until I felt it, the ring of fire, which is very, very appropriately named. And, then I heard “Here’s his face and hand!” In all this time I had no idea I was delivering a sunny side up baby. With his hand up no less! Later John told me that he and Easton had locked eyes as he was coming out, and that it was like he was waving hi. I pushed one more time and I felt his little toes tickle me as he was pulled out. And, I yelled “My baby!”

They rushed him over to the table to clean and suction his nose and mouth. Then, my midwife came and pushed down on my squishy belly, and helped me deliver the placenta. She asked if I wanted to see it, or do anything with it, which again I answered very quickly NO. I’m not crunchy enough for that. 🙈😂

They hollered that my little 41 +2 weeker was 6 lbs and 2 oz. How I had a baby nine days late that was so little I have no idea. But, they laid that tiny little thing on my chest and all was right in the world!

My first born’s birth story... four years later!

At 3:31 pm on October 5th 2014 my sweet Easton Lane was born. And, all the waiting, the tears, the weight, the stretch marks, the intense contractions, the ring of fire, were all worth it. My baby that I had dreamed of since I played with baby dolls was finally here. And, I survived natural childbirth! I did it!My first born’s birth story... four years later!






My first born’s birth story... four years later!

And, today that sweet 6.02 pound baby is turning four. I blinked and four years have flown by. He was the most handsome baby. With those stunning light blue eyes and the world’s best lashes. Now, he’s smart. Loves to dance. To tell jokes. Is obsessed with his baby brother. Teen Titan’s Go. And, his iPad. He has a heart of gold. The best dance moves! And, is going to grow up to be something amazing. No matter how many time outs it takes to get there!

My first born’s birth story... four years later!

Happy, happy fourth birthday sweet little boy!