One of the things that is constantly in my Pinterest search bar is meal plans. You guys, I seriously struggle with planning meals. Every week Sunday comes and it’s like “Oh my word another week, already. What are we going to eat?” Then I aimlessly search Pinterest or stare at my iPhone notes until I’m on Instagram and way off task. For whatever reason, it’s very hard for me.

I decided to try something different. Easier, hopefully. A month’s worth of meals following the same weekly template. Every of the week will have a theme, so I just have to plan a meal that fits. We are three days into our meal plan and it’s been so helpful to know what’s actually for dinner. And, helpful that I planned easy prep meals! Here is how I’m hoping to get my meal planning act together. My Easy To Follow Meal Plan Weekly Meal Template.

Weekly Meal Planning Template. Themed meals every day of the week.

Meatless Monday

This one is a struggle for our family as my hubby loves meat. And for me planning, what meals don’t have meat?? But, trusty Pinterest to the rescue! This week we had Veggie Fried Rice. Fried rice always wins!

Taco Tuesday

Are you giving tacos all their true glory? We certainly weren’t. Until this week we had only ever had tacos with beef or as a taco salad. I’m excited to get adventurous with one of our basic staples. This week was Crock Pot Ranch Chicken tacos and they were a win even for the three- year old!

Crockpot/Casserole Wednesday

I always work on Wednesday’s, so a pre-prepped meal is a must. This week I tried Six Sister’s Easy Chicken Dumplings. I had thrown the biscuits on the mixture already the night before, so it took longer than it was supposed to. But, had great flavor. And, I’m kicking myself for never thinking of prepping this meal before!

Easy Thursday

Thursday is another day that I usually work. I have grown found of Foster Farms pre seasoned frozen chicken. Our newest easy-have -nothing- planned meal is that chicken thrown together with macaroni and steam-able veggies. However, we are switching to our Sunday plan because I work extra late.

Favorite/Frozen Friday

For this month I wanted to challenge myself to planning a dinner for every day. Usually, I have a built-in eating out meal. Friday could easily be that day. But, this month it will be one of our regulars or a frozen meal.

Breakfast Saturday

Or, for cute name sake, “Not Supper Saturday”. My husband never used to be down for breakfast as dinner. But, we’ve mastered the art of frozen hash browns. And, created a delicious breakfast burrito. So, I think I will be able to get away with doing it once a week.

Sandwich Sunday

Because, it rhymes. But, like I said I work Wednesday – Saturday, so earlier in the week makes more sense most of the time.

I found that it was so much easier to bust out a month of meals when I knew exactly what I was looking for. And, in theory, the monthly meal plans could be saved and then done in a rotation to make it even easier. Which is 100% my goal!

An Easy To Follow Weekly Meal Planning Template

Follow the themed meal planning template with us!