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I’m sharing another what’s for dinner. The first one in our new state. And, the first one in quite some time. I’m realizing now that it would have been much more helpful had I shared what’s for dinner this weekend. Not the beginning of the week, when you need to already have a dinner plan… My bad. Next week.

What’s for dinner at the Ronans this week? Seven different dinner ideas for when meal planning is driving you crazy!

We have been in our new house three weeks on Thursday, and I finally made a dinner meal plan. I told myself we’d move into the new house and bam, plant-based. But, we’re still living that picky eater life. And, Costco. You know how Costco gets ya! So, we’ve been eating spontaneously. Dinners have been what we have from Costco. And, then working on bumping our veggie intake.

There’s been lots of  rotisserie  chicken. Ground beef. Chicken skewers. And, then whatever veggie.

And, there is still a lot of that in this week’s dinner plan. But, at least there is an actual plan! Here’s what we’re eating for dinner this week.

Sunday : BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
rotisserie chicken + bbq sauce + bacon

Monday:  Costco Chicken Skewers & Salads

Tuesday: Ultimate Vegan Burritos

Wednesday: Frozen Lemon Pepper Chicken + Broccoli

Thursday: Pasta E  Fagioli

Friday: Frozen Meal

Saturday: Loaded Veggie Quesdillas

Sunday: Bacon Cheeseburgers

The plant-based dream hasn’t been thrown away. I’m still eating plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks. But, feeding three boys and being a complete plant-based noob  makes planing seven dinners really hard!! Three meatless dinners and veggies every night is a good start.

Hopefully what we’re eating for dinner this week will help you with your meal plan. It doesn’t follow much of a trendy diet. And, I don’t really know if it’s budget friendly. But, it’s seven dinners you didn’t have to think of yourself.

You’re welcome!

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