If you don’t know by now that I’m coffee obsessed, what in the world?!  It wasn’t just children and lack of sleep that turned me into an iced Americano loving fool. Although, now they are more about  necessity than fun. My coffee love started years ago. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane before we talk about this Amazon Guide For Coffee Lovers.

An Amazon Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover this Christmas!

Once upon a time Starbucks was brand new in our little Montana town. And, Mom was just starting to let us hang out in town alone. Me and my BFFs would get dropped at Starbucks for fraps and then we’d walk across the way to shop at Target. Yes, my Target love runs deep too! And, that same year Sugar Free Skim milk Chais got me through 8th grade. I knew that I wanted to be a barista from then on. And, my junior year I made it happen! That’s when I was introduced to the barista’s go-to drink. An Iced white chocolate Americano with cream. Or, the also delicious healthier choice, iced Americano with honey, cinnamon, and cream. And, as they say, the rest is history!

I have been in love with coffee before I was even drinking the real thing. It’s so versatile. You can have it really plain. Sweeten it thousands of different ways. Or, even get it so jazzed up it’s a dessert. Coffee is such treat. Not to even mention the caffeine boost from it. There is no part of me that ever wants to part ways with my morning routine and sanity for work with five little boys.  And, that’s why I made this Amazon gift guide. I know I’m not the only coffee fiend. You probably are one too. Or, at least you know one. And, I know they’ll love a coffee themed Christmas gift from you!

Coffee Lover Gift Guide

My advice for you would be this. Find out if your friend is an iced coffee lover like me, or if they prefer it hot. And, then check out this list.

For the iced coffee lover. Either of these tumblers!
The person who needs their coffee tempature to stay.

I would seriously die over any three of these mugs…

Holiday Syrups to spice up their drink!

A frother helps you get that coffee shop foam.
Cold Brew Pitcher, because making cold brew at home is everything!
Organic Cold Brew Coffee
French Press is classic. And, this one is so cute!
White Coffee is unlike regular coffee. It is less roasted and more of a nutty flavor. Get it for your adventurous coffee friend!

Ninja Coffee Bar, duh.

Most of these on the list are very affordable. The Ninja Coffee Bar would obviously be for a more serious gift. But, it had to be included. These gifts can be combined in any way depending on what you are looking for and your budget.

The “I want to give this person something nice, that they’ll like and use, but won’t break the bank.” budget

Chose one of these cups. I always appreciate being gifted a new tumbler or coffee mug. It’s enough. And, exciting because 1. I love them! and 2. The gift giver knew that coffee is something I really love. You could also add a gift card to one of the cups, for a nice little step up, while keeping the price reasonable!

The “I’m willing to spend $50 and up for a nice put together gift” budget.

Gift baskets are the bomb. A coffee gift basket would be bomb.com! For a coffee gift basket any coffee lover would be excited for, chose a cup and/or the coffee maker that best suits them. The cold brew pitcher is 😍 And, the French Press would be perfect for hiding little goodies in. Add the holiday syrups and coffee beans. White coffee isn’t for everybody, but it is pretty popular in areas with little drive thru coffee huts. Wrap nicely. And, you have a very very excited coffee lover on your hands!

The “I don’t know what to buy for my significant other” budget.

The coffee maker that best suits them. One of the cups. A bag of coffee beans. And, a coffee card to their favorite shop. Done and done!

I literally could go on and on with coffee gift ideas. But, I think this was the perfect start with us being so close to Christmas! Let me know what you put together from this Amazon Gift Guide for your coffee lover!