Easy to throw together. Budget friendly Easter basket. Filled with things they’ll use. And, that you can make today!

To be honest I didn’t budget for Easter at all. It was an “oh yeah, I have to do baskets now that I have kids” second thought. Did it sneak up on you to? I’m not very creative and being so last minute it was tempting to just buy a premade basket and call it good. But, when I looked at them I just couldn’t justifying dropping $20+ per basket, when the boys are just going to be over them by Tuesday. I also don’t want my boys to see Easter as another time to get lots of presents. Despite how fun present holidays are as a kid, Mom and Dad just can’t make every holiday extravagant. So, the goal became to create a basket that is

  1.  Practical, what can they actually use?
  2.  Joint, we don’t need double the junk hanging around.
  3. Budget Friendly
  4. Quick, I can’t be the only one throwing together a basket week of.

If you’re like me and you don’t want an Easter basket full of unnecessaries filling your house. Here’s how I threw together A Practical Joint Basket for My 1 and 3 Year Old. With a smidge of candy and fun thrown in, because they’re kids after all!

Step 1: Basket

The first step was finding a base. I like the basket to be something that can be reused. As much as I love baskets and organizing, a store bought Easter basket doesn’t have a place in my house. I found these cute Green Toys Wagons on Amazon. When I saw it it screamed little boy + doubles as toy storage. Amazon Prime can usually get it to you in two days, but if not, find a big enough toy that can be filled and played with in multiple ways. Or, to keep with the theme, maybe you already have a big enough toy or forgotten basket laying around.

Spoiler alert: I got these wagons during Christmas. #noshame

Step 2 : Practical filling

It’s already hot at night here in Northern Cali. My three year old hasn’t worn pjs to bed in at least 2 weeks, so I decided to buy cute short set pjs for both boys. I also found a three pack of Contagio water bottles at Costco for $11.99. Surprisingly my one year old understands these bottles better than other sippys, so they made more sense than cutesy Easter cups you often find.

And, then instead of filling our house with tooo much candy… that mom will ultimately eat most of. I bought snacks that both of them will eat. And, that I was going to have to buy this weekend anyways.

Step 3 : Filling our quick,budget friendly, practical basket

I have no shame in buying used kids clothes. We have a store specifically for gently used children stuff. They’re outgrown quickly, so if I can save some money buying gently used, heck yeah I will. So, I bought the two sets of PJs, one big story time book, an Easter water brush activity book, and the boys’ Easter outfits second hand. Seriously mama, feel no shame if you fill the basket with gently used, how will your kiddo know?

I also added a coloring book from Target Dollar Spot, sunnies, bubbles, chalk, and golf clubs from the Dollar Tree for fun fillers, and a couple of candy treats because it’s Easter after all!

Quick and Easy Budget Friendly Easter Basket You Can Make Today!!

And, voila! An Easter basket can be done in a practical and budget friendly way. Thrown together in an afternoon, because we all get it mom. Easter baskets are just another thing we have to take care of. So, if it got pushed back… or, was forgotten, it happens! Your kiddos will still love it. It’s the presentation that makes it special, right?