You have probably heard lots of “word of the year”s so far this year. Especially since it’s already January 11th. I had one last year… and, well I didn’t use it at all. I thought of just recycling it. Intentional is a really good word to live by. But, I’m finding not knowing what it will be like in Alaska makes it the New Year thing more difficult. Not only is it hard to think of a resolution when things are so unknown; it’s hard to think of a real inspirational word to live by. So, I started thinking of what I’ll need when I’m in Alaska. In the big unknown of this move. What will I need to pull through when things are scary, stressful, or unknown. That’s when grace and brave came to me. In 2019 my word will be brave and grace together, hand in hand.

Brave and Grace 2019 Words of the Year.