So, as you know, meal planning is hard for me. We have established that a couple of times. I got to thinking how helpful it would be if I had a big list of meals I know we love and eat often for the weeks that thinking of meals is especially rough. And, if I’m going through the effort of putting together a Big Meal Rotation how could I make that and not share it with you? I can’t, is the answer.


We’re just going to jump right in. No extra words. Because, I know how finding meals is on Pinterest. You’re not reading the beginning story ;).

Raising The Ronans 5 week long meal plan using all our favorites!



Veggie egg scrambles

Ezekiel toast

Green smoothies

Triple berry green smoothie

Organic yogurt + granola

Bacon & avocado toast!

Breakfast salad : bed of greens, usually sautéd, another veggie, topped with fried egg

Ok. In all honesty. Eggos and Captain Crunch for the boys in the family….



Deli meat + cheese & lots of veggies

Rotisserie chicken + veggies

Big salad with deli meat & cheese

Broccoli + ground turkey topped with Marinara

Veggie Sandwiches


Peppers + R chicken

Korean Beef + veggie stir fry

Rosa Chicken pasta

Dinner time! These meals are on rotation usually once a month. Very, very regularly.

Korean Beef


Chicken Ranch Tacos

Mississippi Pot Roast




Sheet Pan

Grill cheese tomato soup



Ham & Swiss sliders

Easy Biscuit Chicken Pot pie

Maple BBQ Chicken

Crispy Baked Garlic Wings

The Best Ever Vegetable Enchiladas

Brinner : Breakfast for dinner – Asparagus and sausage topped with fried egg

Pasta E Fagioli soup

15 Min Lo Mein



Veggie Stir Fry

Chicken fried rice

Taco salads

Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken


Breakfast burritos


Week 1


M, W, F : Veggie egg scramble

T, TH, S: Green berry smoothie

Sun: Organic yogurt + granola


M, W, F: Big Salad

T, TH : Broccoli, Turkey, Marinara

S, Sun: Veggie sandwich


M- 15 Min Lo Mein

T- Ranch Chicken Tacos

W- Brinner

Th- Pasta E Fagioli Soup

F- Pizza

S- Chicken Fried Rice

Sun- Grilled cheese & T soup

Week 1 Ronan Repeat Meal Plan

Week 2

M, W, : Organic yogurt +granola
T, TH, Sun: Green smoothie
F: Veggie scramble
Saturday: Big breakfast

M, W, F : Rotissere Chicken + Veggies
T,TH, Big Salad
S: Veggie sandwich
Sun: family lunch out or smoothie

M – Mississippi Pot Roast
T- Best Ever Veggie Enchiladas
W- Left overs
Th- BLTs
F- Crispy Baked Garlic Wings
S- Big Cobb Salad
Sun- Ham & Swiss Sliders

Ronans Repeat Meal Plan Week 2!


Week 3

M, W, F : Breakfast Salad
T, Th, S: Chick sausage + avacado toast
Sun: Donut

M, W, F : Veggie sandwich
T, Th : Big salad
S: Smoothie
Sun: Quesadillas

M- Veggie Stir fry
T – Taco Salads
W- Carnitas
Th-  Sheet Pan
F- Carnitas Quesadillas
S- Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken
Sun – Subs

Ronan’s Repeat Meal Plan

Week 4

M, W, F : Berry green smoothies
T, Th, S : Veggie scramble
Sun: Avocado toast

M, W, S: Big salad
T, Th: Turkey, Broccoli, Marinara
Sun: Smoothie

M- Maple BBQ Chicken
T-  Tacos
W- Lasagna
Th- Veggie Stir fry
F- Korean Beef
S- Left overs
Sun-  Chorizo Breakfast burritos

Ronan’s Repeat Meal Plan

Bonus week

M, F : Organic Yogurt + Granola
T, Th : Breakfast Salad
W, S: Green Smoothie
Sat: Donut Day

M, W : R chicken + veggies
T, Th, F: Deli Meat + Cheese & Salad
S, Sun : Meat + cheese & veggies

M – Easy Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie
T- Enchiladas
W- Spaghetti
Th- leftovers
F- Pizza
S- Fried Rice
Sun- BLTs

Ronan Repeat Meal Plan

So, yay! Hope this helps you. Again. Our meals don’t really follow a trendy diet. For my breakfasts and lunches I try to eat very clean with lots of vegetables. But, at dinner time I’m just trying to get my four year old to eat. And, my husband a good variety of tasty food. Feel free to save these images. Then, comment and let me know if you follow this meal plan. Hopefully I alleviated a month’s worth of meal planning stress for you!