Today I am 30 weeks pregnant with our second baby boy. While this second time around has been different for, I’m sure, the normal reasons. I haven’t taken almost any bump pics, I’ve done hardly any preparing, and the weeks are flying by because I’ve already got one crazy baby to chase 24/7. It’s been different for another huge reason.

We are so excited that in roughly TEN weeks, we become a family of four. That the “Bebe” we’ve been pointing to in my belly will become real. That we’ll be adding another crazy, but oh so sweet-and-cuddly little boy into the mix. My arms are aching for those amazing newborn snuggles. And, my heart can’t wait to watch the Easton and Mason team. How they are alike and how they are different. To see if sweet Mason has eye lashes like his brother and daddy. And, ok, mama can’t wait to sit up with ease again either!

But, with every passing Friday, as I open the baby app to see how big baby boy is now, we are getting one week closer to doing something in our military life we truly never imagined we would. While every week means we are one week closer to meeting our newest family member. Someone we’ve been dreaming of and absolutely cannot wait to meet. We are also one week closer to having a baby while daddy is deployed.

It’s been such a bittersweet time. Truthfully at times it’s been hard to day dream about when baby comes; because talking about when Mason comes has more meaning than just when Mason is born. It’s a real life reminder that John will be leaving for six months.That I will be giving birth while the Air Force has my husband in another country. So while I cannot wait for my sweet second born to make his appearance, to adore him and smother him with kisses just like I did (do) his older brother. Knowing what’s coming before baby is born has forced me to be patient in this time. Excitedly checking off weeks as fast as we can feels more like wishing away the time with John.

So at 30 weeks pregnant I am probably the first mama ever to be wishing for a pause button. Because, I’m sure not ready to say “See you later” to my hubby in six short weeks.