It’s Monday. Did you survive the first work day of the week? I recently switched work schedules so I’m still living the weekend life. With kids. The day after day light savings. So, you know we’ve been up since 6:30. Insert all the eye roll emojis. I thought we should bust those Monday blues with a fun little get-to-know-me-better. You’re kind enough to read along with me, I’d love for you to know who I am!

So, here goes nothing 20 random facts about the Mama behind Raising The Ronans in no praticular order or importance!

20 Facts About Me You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

1. I have never broken any bones. But, cracked my head open in the second grade.

2. I studied Early Childhood Education in college. And, was just two semesters away from graduating. It just wasn’t what I wanted for a career.

3. I have zero student loan debt. Thanks to working at a coffee shop and preschool all through college.

4. My hobbies include filling my online shopping cart and never purchasing.

5. My first son’s name had been picked out long before I met my husband.

6. I love getting into a bed that’s been made… but, hate making the bed.

7. My words get all fumbly and awkward when I read out loud.

8. Fall is my happy season. The colors of the trees and the clothes make me swoon!

9. I suck at choosing favorites of anything.
Food? Color? Uhhh…

10. The thing I miss most about life before babies is getting my hair and nails done regularly.

11. I get really loud playing board games.

12. Even if you told me I’d instantly lose 10 pounds cutting out coffee, I probably wouldn’t. I just like it. And, there’s no part of me that feels bad about it!

13. My least favorite household chore is dishes.
Followed by bathrooms, sweeping, laundry, dusting( ha yeah like that’s common!).

14. We have two dogs, a German Shepard and a Husky.

15. I hate talking on the phone with strangers! Even calling for take out scares me.

16. My goal is to have a toxic-free household. Insert my husband rolling his eyes.

17. I enjoy grocery shopping. And, get excited when there are new choices.

18. I haven’t finished a book since college. But, am currently “reading” two and have two others half read from deployment.

19. FRIENDS is my favorite tv show.

20. And, I want to be a Pilates instructor when I grow up.

Happy Monday friends! You have now learned 20 new things about me you didn’t know you were missing. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments. I’d love to know more about you too!


And,You know girl needs mom friends.