• Four years ago there were no blogs. Well, not this blog anyway. So, I never shared my first born’s birth story. But, in honor of during FOUR I thought it’d be a fun to do so now! Here’s my first born’s birth story… four years later.

    My Firstborn’s Birth Story – Four Years Later
  • Our last week, much like the first, was bus-sy. Was there even a day of rest?! I really don’t think so. This week included a few really big days. And then squeezing in final visits with friends and family. We stayed consistent with every other day between our families. And, my besties each got at… [Continue Reading]

    Ronan Roadtrip: Our Top Three Favorite Days the Second Week of Vacation
  • Meal planning stresses me out. Does it stress you out?! It’s literally a big chore you have to tackle every👏🏻single 👏🏻week! I’ve been in charge of feeding the growing Ronan clan now for five years and it hasn’t gotten any easier. I come up with different plans, and guides to follow. I am always looking… [Continue Reading]

    What’s For Dinner? What We Are Eating for the Next Two Weeks
  •   First Family Fishing Trip One of our favorite days on our road trip was the morning we took the boys fishing. Which so happened to fall on our 5th anniversary, so that day was kind of a big deal! We started our morning with our go to vacation drink iced white chocolate huckleberry americanos,… [Continue Reading]

    Ronan Roadtrip to Montana: First Family Fishing Trip
  • When we say we didn’t waste a second of vacation, we mean it. There was not a single second of down time or time spent not visiting friends and family. We had already spent time with both families in the first two hours we were there. So, instead of filling you in on every day,… [Continue Reading]

    Ronan Road Trip: Top Five Favorite Moments Our First Week Back in Montana
  • Y’all let’s talk Montana. It’s our home state. I was born and raised. My hubby grew up visiting family, moved after high school, and has since claimed it as his home. It’s nick named “The last best place.” Because, it’s absolutely beautiful. It needs to be on your bucket list. And, a few weeks ago… [Continue Reading]

    Ronan Roadtrip to Montana : Driving from CA to MT
  • Happy Saturday friends! We’ve been back to the real world for almost two weeks.If you follow along on social media, you know we were back in our home state mid July. I’ll share more this next week! And, it’s been kind of hard to get back in the rhythm. The boys were off the walls.… [Continue Reading]

    Ronan Family Update: We’re still military for five more years!
  • First off, I have a little bit of a beef. Why did no one warn you that when you become an adult there is so much to take care of before a road trip?! Like, no one said you’ll pay rent, electric, groceries, and oh yeah you have to scrub your walls before you leave… [Continue Reading]

    How I Prepped The House for a Two Week Vacation: A two week cleaning checklist
  • Y’all. I have some sad news. My kids ruined Target for me. I know. I know. I’ll wait a minute for that to soak in. And, for you to regain composure.

    My Kids Ruined Target For Me
  • Today I fretted about what to post on Instagram. I hadn’t taken any pictures worthy to be in one of the little squares in six days! I had to post something! Scrolling through my Facebook albums to find a “good enough picture”. I suddenly stopped. So, what if I don’t have something to share every… [Continue Reading]

    Practicing Contentment