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  • Has March been the longest for you too? Maybe it was because it was Mustache March… shh don’t tell John I said that! 😬🙈 Or, maybe it was going from short February to a full March. And, having to wait for payday until a Monday! Regardless, it’s finally just about April! Like woah. My goal for… [Continue Reading]

    What’s For Dinner
  • Hiya! It’s another What’s For Dinner because, why not? Three times makes it officially a thing, I can’t stop now!

    What’s For Dinner This Week?
  • February was a short month, duh. You know that. But, it was also our first, short, full month in Alaska! We landed in Anchorage at 4 am February 2nd, so I guess if you’re getting real technical… but, by the time you’re reading this it’s definitely been a full month in Alaska so it evens… [Continue Reading]

    Ronans Lately : February
  • I don’t know if you’ll be as shocked as my sister-in-law, but I have never hoped on the Bulletproof Coffee game. I’ve been a Pinterest fiend from the very beginning. And, a health trend follower from even before my  first Pin. And, most of all, coffee is my love language! Bulletproof coffee seems like it… [Continue Reading]

    I Finally Tried Bulletproof
  • Hey hey hey! It’s Sunday. I’m sitting here trying to enjoy my coffee time quietly. And, literally the whole family, even the dog, is all in my grill. Don’t they understand, I need one cup of cold brew coffee with dairy free creamer, of peace and quiet to start my day?! No. No they don’t… [Continue Reading]

    What’s For Dinner
  • Hi, from ALASKA! The Last Frontier. The Great North. Our new home!! We made the official announcement in November. Ya know things ain’t real ‘til they Facebook official! And, life was just a whirlwind from then until like last week. I remember the day John told me he got orders. He literally found out the… [Continue Reading]

    Our First PCS
  • Happy Monday! I’m sharing another what’s for dinner. The first one in our new state. And, the first one in quite some time. I’m realizing now that it would have been much more helpful had I shared what’s for dinner this weekend. Not the beginning of the week, when you need to already have a… [Continue Reading]

    What’s For Dinner This Week
  • My Go-To Starbucks Orders This mama has loved coffee since before she became Mama. Working as a barista was  my dream first job. And, I loved it! There was something about finding the right combination of flavors. Trying the special first thing in the morning, before the sun was even out. The smell of fresh… [Continue Reading]

    My Go-To Starbucks Orders
  • So, as you know, meal planning is hard for me. We have established that a couple of times. I got to thinking how helpful it would be if I had a big list of meals I know we love and eat often for the weeks that thinking of meals is especially rough. And, if I’m… [Continue Reading]

    4 Week Favorites Meal Plan
  • As you know we are moving to Alaska February 1st. We have known that was the tentative plan since late September. So, well before the Christmas chaos we knew right after the holidays would be crazy. And, then the middle of December my husband found out that the movers would be coming to get our… [Continue Reading]

    PCSing With Kids Around The Holidays